Festivals in July 2010 in Bali

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Online PR News – 09-July-2010 – – Singapore – 07/08/10 – Excitehotels.com leads the way to a discovery channel where travelers can explore the rich culture and ancient traditions in the most gorgeous Bali hotels. When its festival time they spare absolutely no expense in celebrating the much varied Balinese heritage. The different races and clans living in Bali are the reasons for bringing in such variety and vigor making it Indonesia’s cultural treasure chest. Sure enough, the hotels in Bali are booked in July which has quite a few red letter days that give enough reasons for the population of the island to celebrate and express their culture.

The Negara Bull Races

With the month of July, commences the annual bull races held on every Sunday during the July – October period. Though it might sound ridiculous to some, the bull race is a wonderful spectacle to watch. It takes place at Perancak which is located a few miles from Negara. On race day, the bulls are washed, painted, decorated with garlands and raced after coupling them to their chariots. Only two bulls are raced at a time and the winner is decided based on the speed and style of racing. The true story behind the origin of the festival is not known however, since the rice crops are harvested around the same time, it is believed to be a celebration of the harvest.

Tumpek Kandang

If you happen to hold a booking in one of the hotels in Bali on the 31st of July, Tumpek Kandang is one festival you wouldn’t want to miss while you are there. This festival is celebrated by the Balinese Hindu population of Bali, which accounts for more than 93% of the island population. This day is dedicated to Sang Hyang Rare Angon, the god of farm cattle and livestock. All domesticated animals including cows, chicken, dogs, ducks and birds are pampered with the best food while the cows enjoy a special bath in the river following which they are dressed as humans and decorated with coconut leaves hung around their horns. Besides paying homage to their gods, the festival is also a way of showing respect to animals.

Bali Arts Festival

The Arts Festival of Bali is a cultural extravaganza with several performing arts, handicrafts and other cultural activities on display. The festival is already underway and is scheduled to do so until the 10th of July. If you haven’t already, it’s still not too late to book one of the hotels in Bali and head towards the Mecca of Indonesian culture.

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