Campaign for Cursive Promotes National Cursive Handwriting Contest

American Handwriting Analysis Foundation teams up with Fahrney's Pens and New American Cursive

Online PR News – 21-January-2014 – Windsor, CA – The Campaign for Cursive committee is launching a National Handwriting Contest in cooperation with Fahrney's Pens and New American Cursive to promote literacy for school children.

January 23 has been designated National Handwriting Day since the early 1980's. Handwriting analysts around the country have supported NHD and adopted it as an annual event to promote education about the importance of retaining handwriting training in public schools. The date was chosen because it’s John Hancock’s birthday; this important signer of the Declaration of Independence is said to have written his name big and bold "so King George could see it without his spectacles".

We feel compelled to speak up for our young children. They all deserve to have a well-rounded education

Who can participate: All children from any form of schooling; public, private, and home schooled.
Grades: Children in grades 1st to 6th.
What is the time frame: Contest begins on February 1st through March 31st.
How to participate: Children can pick out one of the following topics to handwrite a short essay:
1) Why cursive is cool.
2) What do you think is fun to do that involves cursive handwriting?
3) If you could get an autograph from someone, who would it be and why?

Interested participants can find information on the Campaign for Cursive website.

The Common Core Curriculum, adopted by 45 states, has omitted the requirement for public schools to teach cursive handwriting. AHAF agrees with current research, which demonstrates that kids who learn cursive early do better with spelling, reading, and remembering the spoken and written word, and contend that removing the requirement to teach cursive from the curriculum is a bad idea. The concerns are the social and physiological implications of phasing out an important early brain development tool. "We feel compelled to speak up for our young children. They all deserve to have a well-rounded education," said Gayna Scott, Chair of Campaign for Cursive.

"The important point to be aware of is that throughout ALL of history, those who were able to read and write by hand were in a better position than those who could not. Just like verbal communication has two components, listening and speaking, so does written communication, reading and writing," emphasizes handwriting expert Edda Manley.

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