Insight Screenings Announces Cost Effective Mail Order Lab Testing and Health Screenings.

Health Screenings and Lab Tests Now Available Online Across the United States and the Chicago Area

Online PR News – 21-January-2014 – Chicago, IL – Companies and consumers in the Chicago area now have access to cost effective screenings for life changing diseases. Consumers across the United States now have access to mail order lab testing, for use in a business or home environment through Insight Screenings.

This offering of testing abilities provides employers and individuals, access to advanced testing and equipment, in our state-of-the-art onsite facilities, throughout the Chicago area. Insight Screenings employs specialists in the Chicago area. Parent company, Insight Echo, Inc. provides Insight Screenings clients availability for home laboratory testing through their website, as well as businesses in Chicago and across the United States.

Clients in Chicago who use our facilities for screening, or those who access our labs through online ordering facilities, are all guaranteed superior testing availability.

Chicago facilities offer early detection tests, including cardiovascular screening, heart and valve functions, abdominal aortic aneurysm, carotid artery, atrial fibrillation, and ankle brachial index testing.

Insight Screenings and lab testing offers the public a way to prevent disease with screenings, which are conveniently located and affordable. Today, early detection is a key component to saving lives, by discovering problem before they become life threatening.

About Insight Screenings

Insight Screenings, is a division of Insight Echo, Inc. Insight Screenings provides businesses and the public screenings for numerous diseases. Through onsite facilities in Chicago, it screens for vascular risks before they escalate to serious issues. Lab testing is a priority for the company, with mail order tests and results, giving the company a broad client base in the US.
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Insight Screenings
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