'The Apple Tree Wish' Book Trailer Released by Maria Martinez

A book trailer for “The Apple Tree Wish” by Maria Martinez has been released. It shares the unique adoption story of Martinez and will be featured on Martinez’ website, theappletreewish.com, and on YouTube and other video sharing sites.

Online PR News – 22-January-2014 – MONROE, LA – Maria Martinez, Christian Speaker, advocate for the fatherless, and author of “The Apple Tree Wish Made by a Fatherless Girl” announces the release of a book trailer sharing her unique adoption story.

The trailer was created by award winning film producer Cheryl Ariaz Wicker and edited by award-winning film editor, Kenneth Sutton. Maria talks candidly from her home in Orange County, California in video clips captured by Emmy nominated documentary filmmaker Patrick Rea with original music by Sean O’Bryan Smith, an internationally acclaimed film composer and recording artist.

apple tree wish.

Martinez’ life was riveted with drama beginning at an early age: learning at age 3 that she was illegitimate, and being gossiped about by people in her small hometown. She was overcome with feelings of shame and rejection and longed for the love of a father. From 1st to 5th grade, she ran away from the tension at home by climbing an apple tree in her neighborhood to hide and clear her head. As she sat amongst the branches, she would cry, pray, and spill her heartaches out to the apple tree.

Martinez eventually found healing for the void in her heart when she became a Christian in her adult life. Her feelings of rejection dissipated as she realized that she now had a heavenly father who would never leave her. The longings from the past that she had all but forgotten were brought to the surface one day through the dying request of her mother to find a man named Thomas Emanuel. This is when a new and challenging part of Maria’s faith journey began; but it is also how God eventually answered her prayers, granting her “apple tree wish.”

The new book trailer will be featured on Martinez’ website, on YouTube and other video sharing sites. To view the trailer, go to www.theappletreewish.com/book-trailer.

Maria Martinez is a former real estate business owner, a longtime Sunday school teacher and a featured keynote speaker at various churches and women’s groups. She and her husband Al are both retired with active lives in artistic hobbies and serving in their local church. Today, as a devoted advocate for fatherless children, Martinez’s passion is to make a positive impact on children of abandonment, adoption, divorce and other forms of fatherlessness, She is now a Christian motivational speaker and shares her message of hope and healing in her book, “The Apple Tree Wish.” Her story reveals the power of the heavenly Father to bring healing to a lifetime of emotional scars.

"The Apple Tree Wish" captures the emotional and spiritual pain of growing up fatherless and reveals God’s amazing love at work to heal childhood wounds in the face of adversity and rejection. When Maria Martinez began to carry the shame and embarrassment of her ‘family secret’, she made a vow to never count on anyone but to find her way in life and make it on her own. In this inspiring unique story, Maria Martinez narrates the events leading up to meeting her father in 1985, when she was forty-five years old. When a shocking discovery about the identity of her father is revealed, Maria’s faith in her heavenly father is what keeps her grounded. A special relationship ensues which depicts a beautiful picture of a believer’s adoption into the family of God.

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