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Reputation management firm, has announced a new solution for removing Localblotter mugshot records from the Internet.

Online PR News – 20-January-2014 – Denver, Colorado – Many sites contain information that can be devastating to a person’s reputation. This information can have severely-damaging effects on a person’s credibility and livelihood. works to limit, and often eliminate, the effects of this information through reputation management services. provides visitors free access to continually-updated news stories, all pertaining to recent arrests of individuals across the country. Most of this information says nothing about the accused person’s conviction status, yet each news snippet includes the suspect’s name, a brief overview of the pending charges and an accompanying mugshot photograph.

A person’s guilt or innocence of their accused crime is not shown on In fact, lists a disclaimer near each snippet and mugshot, explicitly stating that though sincere efforts have been made to maintain the data’s integrity, there are “no claims of guarantee surrounding the accuracy of such facts.” The data, though explicitly not guaranteed, could have extremely harmful consequences on the featured individual’s reputation, making it difficult to pick up the pieces.

The technicians at have a way to combat the negative information and mugshots affecting people’s reputations. Through the use of reputation management, is able to effectively bury sites like deep down in search engine results pages, making it far less likely for someone to find these records while performing a targeted search.

Arrest and criminal records can be a major online nuisance to a person’s reputation. These records can overshadow positive information in a hurry, creating misperceptions, affecting potential hiring and damaging personal relations. There is possibly no end to the damage this type of information can wreak on anyone’s personal reputation, making the implementation of an effective reputation management strategy essential to one’s online presence. has the tools and experience to push revealing sites like further into web obscurity. This helps reduce the likelihood of someone, whether a family member, friend, employer or stranger, from coming across the negative information. Negative information, even mugshots, may exist online, but that doesn’t mean it has to be an albatross on a person’s reputation. provides its customers an affordable way to effectively manage their reputations. The technicians at are skilled in and knowledgeable the best ways to manage online information, and can help return an individual’s online rep back to normal. relies on skilled technicians and years of experience to deliver effective reputation management solutions. uses effective reputation management tools to help people improve their online images.

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