MicroSourcing Opens New Office in Quezon City, Philippines

MicroSourcing, a Philippines-based business process outsourcing (BPO) and offshoring solutions provider, recently opened a new and bigger office at Eastwood City Cyberpark in Quezon City, Philippines.

Online PR News – 09-July-2010 – – The new office at the 6th floor of the 1880 Avenue building is 2700 sqm in size. It is about 600sqm or 30% bigger than the current floor in eCommerce Plaza building. As the offshoring and outsourcing company further expands, it can easily take up the remaining 900sqm that is still available on the work floor. The office will have about 500 project workstations and about 50 management seats.

According to MicroSourcing CEO Philip Kooijman, there are a number of issues with the eCommerce office that were addressed in the new office to further improve its services and meet the needs of its offshoring and outsourcing partners. “The first major change is that the work floor is now divided into project spaces of varying sizes. In this way, we can avoid the massive work floor look and feel and provide more privacy to our project teams. The way we placed the partition walls furthermore enables us to flexibly create closed office spaces, enabling projects to grow without us needing to tear down walls or do other structural changes. Another thing we addressed is the shortage of training and meeting rooms and the new office will have a total of 5 conference rooms and an 18-seater training room. We also expanded the recreation spaces and the new office will have a very nice living room with TV and video games and the new MS Cafe will be a 100-seater restaurant. MS Cafe will furthermore be big enough to be used for meetings and social events.”

Other features of the new office are a recruitment hub with its own entrance separated from the main office, locker rooms, a clinic, and archive and storage rooms. “Design-wise, we kept the look and feel of our current office but there will definitely be some nice surprises for those who will come to work for the first time in 1880!”

Mr. Kooijman is confident that MicroSourcing will continue to grow and those seats will be filled within a few months, adding the remaining 900sqm by the end of the year. “If we do that, we will have occupied the entire 6th floor with a massive 3600 sqm office. That will definitely be enough to serve as our offshoring and outsourcing headquarters in Quezon City. From there on out, we may be looking at an office servicing the south of Metro Manila. All in all, this new office is definitely another great milestone in MicroSourcing history.”

About MicroSourcing Philippines Inc.:
MicroSourcing is a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Offshoring solutions provider based in Manila, the Philippines. We offer a full range of delivery models ranging from small project outsourcing to offshore staffing and larger scale virtual captives.

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