SQL Server 2008 R2 Hosting Supported by ASPHostPortal

ASPHostPortal is proud to introducing SQL Server 2008 R2. Now, you can get proffesional SQL Server 2008 R2 Hosting at ASPHostPortal.

Online PR News – 09-July-2010 – – ASPHostPortal is a premiere web hosting company that specialized in Windows and ASP.NET-based hosting. Now ASPHostPortal.com supports the new SQL Server 2008 R2 Hosting. For more information about this new product, please visit ASPHostPortal official website at http://asphostportal.com/Cheap-SQL-2008-R2-Hosting.aspx.

"My team worked hard and relentlessly on SQL Server 2008 R2. Finally, we are very excited to share that today, ASPHostPortal released SQL Server 2008 R2. We are very proud that we can introduce this product and we can support this product." said Robert Kruger, CEO of ASPHostPortal.

"SQL Server 2008 R2 helps you take advantage of the latest hardware technology advancements and enables high scalability building on top of industry-standard hardware for great total cost of ownership. Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 and SQL Server 2008 R2 working in concert enable customers to scale up to 256 logical processors." said GM of ASPHostPortal, Dean Thomas. "And what is really amazing here is that you can get this SQL Server 2008 R2 hosting with only $ 5.00/month. We know that this opportunity is rarely found anywhere."

Some of the capabilities that customers and partners will benefit from include:

1. PowerPivot: a managed self-service analysis solution that empowers end users to access, analyze and share data across the enterprise in an IT managed environment using Excel 2010 and SharePoint Sever 2010.
2. Master Data Services: helps IT organizations centrally manage critical data assets companywide and across diverse systems, and enables more people to securely manage master data directly, and ensure the integrity of information over time.
3. Application and Multi-server Management: helps organizations proactively manage database environments efficiently at scale through centralized visibility into resource utilization and streamlined consolidation and upgrade initiatives across the application lifecycle.
4. Report Builder 3.0: report authoring component with support for geospatial visualization. This new release provides capabilities to further increase end user productivity with enhanced wizards, more powerful visualizations, and intuitive authoring.
5. StreamInsight: a low latency complex event processing platform to help IT monitor, analyze and act on the data in motion to make more informed business decisions in near real-time.

The customer engagement in the development process of SQL Server 2008 R2 was outstanding, with more than 300,000 downloads of the technology previews. Customers including Bank of New Zealand, PREMIER Bankcard, Studio Moderna and CareGroup Healthcare System are already taking advantage of the new scalability, BI and manageability features in SQL Server 2008 R2.

About ASPHostPortal.com:

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