Monster Nail Doctor - Educational and Funny Kids Game Launched by Arth I-Soft

The excellent surgery kids game available for download at iTunes and Google Play Store. It’s funny and addictive game; Kids will learn medical treatment while they play that game.

Online PR News – 21-January-2014 – Ahmedabad, Gujrat – In iTunes and Google Play Store the exclusive surgery kids game available for download.

'In Monster Nail Doctor' users have to use given treatment tools and apply all those for takes care of monster's nail. That's really funny and addictive game for kids. Tools which include in that game are Shower, injection, Dryer, Germs killer, Pus remover, Cotton and many more.

When starts the game players have to select any one leg from given four options of legs. First select shower to remove clay and dust from injury. Then use dryer to suck the water. Use Cotton to remove blood and remove wounds. After that users have to kill all germs using Germs killer which has attractive sound. Remove pus from leg by Pus remover, rub ice to remove swelling.

Then scan the toe by x-ray machine and stick colorful bandage on injured part of toe. Apply pain killer spray on injured part of toe. Then player have to apply cream to save toe and nail from infection. The treatment of nail is finish, cover toe by plaster to recover toe from injury. The funniest feature of that game is user can write funny message on plaster with colorful paint and make patient monster happy.

The treatment of injured toe was finish, have anyone imagined to play that kind of educational surgery game? Kids will surely learn basic medical treatment while they play the game.

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