Introduces Rich Features to Enhance Experience of User Who Play Rummy Online

India’s largest multiplayer gaming website lives up its promises and brings a number of features to the website which will enhance the user experience on the website, assist them at play and better the interaction between co-players.

Online PR News – 21-January-2014 – Gangtok East Sikkim – Experience Enhancers: These features have been added purely to elevate the user experience when they are playing online rummy on the website.
Avatar: As per the website policy, actual identity of the users are not revealed, users know each other by just a Username which they choose when registering with the website. Avatar is an attempt to give face to the username, a face that opponents can see and relate too. However to keep identity of users safe, the website has a bank of 30 unique Avatars which user can pick from. Other than that users can also upload their own photos, or other images to display as Avatar.
Smiley: Today smileys have become a part of our communication, especially so in the digital medium. From emails, to chats to sms smiley rule our world of expression, they assist us in instantly expressing our mood, our reaction, our expression which would otherwise consume many words and phrases. The website has introduced smiley as a means for users to express themselves during a game. Displayed over their Avatar for 10 seconds, it is enough to convey the mood to the opponents.
Background: No matter how creative and wonderful a display be, at some point in time monotony seeps in. To break away from the monotony of staring at the same display on the screen the website has introduced a number of changeable backgrounds. User can thus choose and change background at will. Presently 5 lovely backgrounds have been introduced.
Deck Design: There is no wear tear of the playing cards when players play a rummy game online, however monotony makes the play look dull, hence we have introduced new deck designs for the players to pick from. Presently there are two deck designs for cards at the table, just a couple of clicks and the user can swap between the deck designs they prefer. More deck designs will be introduced soon.

Interaction Booster: This feature has been especially introduced so that a player can interact with his opponent/s during the game.
Chat: The chat feature on the website is similar to Chat features available on innumerable website except that this is a private chat by default wherein players can only chat with their opponent/s in the game module. This feature helps make small talks between players and breaking the ice between them making their game play a fun filled event.
Assistance at Play: Features have been introduced by the website to help assist players during the play
Game Info: A problem often faced by players during their play is the details of the current game they are playing, especially it’s a tight corner situation when player needs to make a decision. With this feature, a ready reckconer of the game is available at a single click. The details of the games thus displayed can help the player make game play decisions.
Report Problem: This feature comes handy when players encounter technical problems during play. This feature enables player to immediately send a report of the technical problem right from the game module screen to the support team. The feature also allows player to upload screen shot of up to 1 MB which can assist our support for better understanding and rapid assessment of the problem.
Support Chat: Our game website is considered to be the best when it comes to support and to keep our reputation at support at its peak and genuinely address to the support need of our users we introduced the Support Chat. For any technical problem during play, players need to just click the Support Chat button and our support team, always willing to be of assistance will be there with required help.

Easy Communication: Introduced a feature to help keep players updated with happening, offers, discounts and all
Inbox: We have introduced the Inbox feature which is available to players right on the website header. All communication from the website to its players regarding offers, bonuses, changes, features, etc. will now be communicated through the Inbox. This feature will help our players not to miss on any offer, bonuses, etc and also save them the hassle of checking their email for the same. They need to just login and check the Inbox.

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