New Hampshire Real Estate Company Uses Virtual Back Office to Attract Agents and Give Them an Edge

Virtual Homes Real Estate, a leading technology company that merged in 2009 with New Hampshire and Massachusetts former RE/MAX real estate offices, is applying its technological edge to attract top agents to its virtual back office.

Online PR News – 08-July-2010 – – Amherst, NH - Virtual Homes Real Estate, a leading technology company that merged in 2009 with two former RE/MAX real estate offices in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, is applying its technological edge to attract top agents to its easy-to-use virtual back office. Designed to efficiently capture and qualify leads for member agents, the technology works because much of the customer relationship process is either automated or handled by experienced staff.

Virtual back office software technology has been helping real estate companies improve productivity for a long time, says Fred Doleac, Owner/Broker of Virtual Homes Real Estate. The problem, he says, is that the technology in the past only benefited those agents who became technically advanced enough to master complex real estate CRM software. Doleac says his company set out to change that.

"In the process of providing our real estate MLS search technology to agents, we were soon able to predict which agents would sell more homes each month based almost entirely on how agents were using the system. As a result, we were able to provided extensive training to help agents increase their closings and excel in their real estate career."

Training was not enough to improve sales in every case, however. Some agents simply did not use the technology to its full potential, even with plenty of training and support.

Doleac soon realized that improving sales also meant off-loading some lead management tasks to staff members.

He says that Virtual Homes' CRM technology along with constant improvement of in-house business processes supported by staff allow the company to remove many day-to-day tasks from its agents.

Now, Doleac says agents can focus on closing more deals with more clients instead of sitting at a computer all day chasing unqualified leads -- or trying to find them.

He says that the company in its present form is the answer to the question 'If your technology is so good, why are you selling it instead of using it?'

"The fact is, our technology is so good that we decided to stop selling it. It's much more profitable for us to use it to help our agents sell more real estate."

Many real estate offices see their agents as their customers, according to Doleac. They charge desk fees, add charges for basic office services, and even sell third party products to agents.

"At Virtual Homes, we are not interested in selling our agents anything. We're interested in improving their sales. When they succeed, we succeed."

The system works, he says, because if the real estate leads generation and CRM is superior, overall results will improve, and the number of successful transactions will increase. Ultimately, the agent, broker, and consumer win.

"Most real estate companies today have been real estate companies forever, and have had to work hard to adapt to changing technologies. Our edge at Virtual Homes is that we started out with powerful sales technology, and have applied it to real estate with amazing results."

"It is a breakthrough way to start up a real estate business. It's also the reason many top selling agents are joining Virtual Homes."

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