Detroit Trucks Featured in Video by MI Auto Times During May the Best Truck Win Competition

Detroit trucks owners wondering what type of truck should be their next truck purchase will be interested in the results of the latest round of competition featured at MI Auto Times.

Online PR News – 08-July-2010 – – DETROIT, M.I. – Detroit trucks are rough and rugged but MI Auto Times wanted to know how they would fare against a competitor outside of Michigan. MI Auto Times has been running a series of comparisons between Detroit trucks to find out which option would be the best truck for its Michigan audience.
MI Auto Times will be hosting many more series of comparisons including other vehicles than Detroit trucks, but the first two rounds of competition have been very exciting, not only for the editors working tirelessly to judge the winner, but also for MI Auto Times readers.
The first round of competition featured the GMC Sierra SLE and the Ford F150 STX. Trucks were chosen based on affordability, engine size and compatibility—meaning closest in available features. In round one, the GMC Sierra had more to offer than the Ford F150, and therefore was the first round champion.
The second round of competition featured Detroit trucks under the Dodge Ram name, specifically, the Dodge Ram 1500 SLT. The Dodge Ram 1500 SLT faced off against the Toyota Tundra. Both trucks were regular cab models and the competition was nothing less than fierce.
Some of the highlights from four categories tested during the comparison are featured below:
Value: The Toyota Tundra turned out to be the best value because of its lower MSRP and fuel efficiency.
Power: It was too close to call. A tie was awarded in a category that proved too difficult to judge.
Comfort: The Dodge Ram won out in comfort because of more standard features and SIRIUS satellite radio service.
The final category was the warranty category which judged how the automakers backed their trucks for the long haul. It was also close but one truck did manage to win out.
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Round three is in the works and will determine one truck to be the overall winner, and earn some lucky truck owners the bragging rights of owning the MI Auto Times Best Truck.
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