Bridgat Announced Its Annual Summary of This Year

On January 20th, 2014,Bridgat, the leading international transaction platform for worldwide customers to shop online, announced its annual summary of the year of 2013, which attracted broad attention.

Online PR News – 20-January-2014 – Hangzhou – As Chinese New Year is around the corner, all companies begin to do the job summary of this year. Bridgat is a now very popular leading international transaction platform, so it’s job summary is what its competitors and other imitators care for. This morning, on January 20th, Bridgat held an annual summary report conference and publicly announced its annual job summary. All department managers made a speech during the meeting. The job summary mainly contains the following aspects:
1. Annual sales;
2. The change of personnel;
3. Disputes handling report;
4. The achievements of all departments in this year;
5. What need to be improved in the next year.

The summary indicates that Bridgat is gradually growing. Its annual sales increase 20 percent compared with that of the year of 2012. The number of new staffs of all departments adds up to two hundred, which means the company’s size is enlarging.

The general manager, Andy Zheng said: “ We are not the best and we hope to be better. Many people may be puzzled why we publish our annual job summary. It’s because that we are glad to share our success with you and are also willing to expose our deficiencies. We are pleased to have your critical reviews.”

“To enable everyone around the world to buy directly from the manufacturers at wholesale prices is all Bridgat people’s ultimate goal. On the basis of this year’s summary, we will strive to get rid of the deficiencies and provide better service for all customers”, summarized by Andy Zheng.

Bridgat, founded in 2007, is a leading marketplace for worldwide customers to shop online. It aims at bringing small and medium-sized suppliers together and connecting them online with end-consumers. To achieve this goal, Bridgat provides multi-language service and offers customers nearly everything they would ever need to buy with quality guarantee and integrity protection.