Travelers’ V5 eBook Companion- Antigua, Wise Words, Choice Island Info.- free Amazon Kindle Jan. 25

Walter & Company launches travelers’ eBook companion A Sea of Wisdom, Island Proverbs- Antigua with choice information about celebrity residents and more - a New Year gift on Amazon Kindle Jan. 25

Online PR News – 20-January-2014 – Toronto, Ontario – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Toronto, ON January 19, 2014 – Walter & Company launches its new eBook A Sea of Wisdom, Island Proverbs- Antigua, a compact traveler’s companion featuring a mix of Antiguan proverbs and choice information about the island’s celebrity residents, natural beauty, history and culture; with a New Year give away on Amazon Kindle Saturday, January 25.

The fifth in a series of eBooks based on the original publication featuring seven Caribbean islands, A Sea of Wisdom, Island Proverbs - Antigua is designed to be a travel partner you like “hanging out” with says author Ingrid Walter. “It has interesting bites of information about the island combined with funny and witty sayings to help make any visitor’s experience memorable; whether site seeing, talking to locals, friends or family,” she adds.

The proverbs in this eBook can be used for quiet reflection or to engage in fun filled conversation and even games says Walter who encourages readers to “talk the island wise talk,” speak the dialect and entice Antiguans and others to join in the fun.

“Share the eBook with friends and family. Play the game I call “I’m not Antiguan but I’ve got Talent,” and voice your best impression of an Antiguan proverb,” says Walter. “Let Antiguan humor push your funny button. With the variety of accents on the island each year, every proverb impression is guaranteed laughter and a slice of wisdom too; enough to take home,” she says.

A Sea of Wisdom, Island Proverbs - Antigua is the fifth in a series that pays tribute to the author’s grandmothers Luna Walter and Sybil Laughton, multi-ethnic Jamaican women who ignited the author’s interest in Caribbean proverbs.

A Sea of Wisdom, Island Proverbs, Jamaica, St. Lucia, Barbados and the Bahamas are also available on Amazon Kindle

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Ingrid Walter is an award winning journalist and communications specialist whose work experience spans politics, television, radio, print and e-media. Born in Jamaica, she is also a Canadian citizen. She has an honors degree in political science from York University and a master’s degree in journalism from the University of Western Ontario. Ingrid speaks both of Canada’s official languages, English and French, as well as some Spanish and has traveled on writing assignments throughout Canada, the United States, the Caribbean and Asia.

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