Video DAM: 12 Crucial Points For Brand & Marketing Managers

Report reveals the key factors behind successful on-line video digital asset management systems for brand and marketing managers.

Online PR News – 08-July-2010 – – London, UK, July 8, 2010 -- The use of digital video by marketing and brand managers has increased significantly over the last few years. This has encouraged many marketing departments to contemplate replacing legacy Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems that lack adequate handling of digital video with more versatile systems that are better equipped to deal with video, audio and other dynamic content types.

UK based digital asset management software developer, Daydream, has issued a whitepaper that describes 12 key issues that enterprise brand and marketing managers need to be aware of before embarking on a project to roll out on-line video digital asset management to their business. Some of the potential pitfalls that can be encountered and practical advice on how to avoid them are described.

The 12 points discussed are:

1. Selecting a system that can be shaped around the needs of the business.
2. The difference between Digital Asset Management (DAM) and ECM (Enterprise Content Management) and why they are not the same.
3. Why the branding of the system is essential to the credibility of a brand or marketing manager.
4. How to provide easy access to videos without compromising copyright.
5. Why it is vital to use fast-loading previews and considering HD as well as SD video content.
6. Why metadata for digital video needs to be handled differently to other media.
7. HTML5, Flash, Silverlight and how to navigate the format maze.
8. Whether to outsource or in-source.
9. The training that you need and why this is integral to the success of the system.
10. Hosting, supporting and maintaining an on-line video system.
11. Why it is important to work with a vendor who understands marketing departments.
12. Getting it past the IS department - their concerns and how to address them.

The whitepaper is available on the reports area of Daydream's web site:


About Daydream

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