IntelliGrape Software along with Pivotal & Gr8conf launched the Indian

The Conference dedicated to propel the avant-garde technology Groovy and Grail technology in an Open source web application framework ecosystem took place at Indian Habitat Center, Delhi on 11th Jan’14.

Online PR News – 20-January-2014 – new delhi – The event saw subject matter experts make a diverse range of contributions to the need for coding fast web application to sustain and thrive in an ever-changing dynamic digital business space. It majorly reflected upon the subject on how, for developers, Grails provides an environment that allows rapid development and dynamic scripting of language.

The Groovy Grails experience was well attended and featured an impressive list of technocrats including Shrikant Vashista, Director Engineer at Global Logic, Ganesh Gembali,Core member of JSChannel, Manoj Mohan, Senior Software Engineer at IntelliGrape Software amongst others. Experts discussed how Groovy and Grails, which is still in nascent phase in India, has already made a head way in US and Europe.

The conclave took off with Shrikant Vashista talking about Technologytrends for2014 and beyond. He gave insights on the current technology landscape and its impact on the enterprise IT.

The session "Concept to Live in 30 minutes” led by Mr.Manoj, was particularly well received. In this session he addressed on how to build a production ready web app in about 30 minutes, wherein, participating architects and developers observed how easy and quickly Grails allows them to convert an idea into a running application.

The technology demonstration/discussion provided an opportunity for a large contingent of architects/developers to witness the capabilities and efficiency of Groovy and Grails technology.

The daylong event covered varied topics and case studies including“Use Cases of Grails in Web Applications” by Mr.Sunil, Senior Consultant at Xebia, “Distributed Systems with Grails and AKKA” by Mr. Kaushikat Bluepi, “PowerUp Grails Web Development with OpenShift” by Mr. Shekhar Gulati, Principal OpenShift Developer Evangelist at Red Hat and many more.

Narinder –V.P Engineering, Intelligrape quoted “It was a day full of diverse topics covering different aspects of not just Grails ecosystem but web application development in general. There were lots of interactions with enthusiastic audience from different organizations. Overall it was a day full of fun and learning. Looking forward for a bigger and more enriching Grails Conf next year”. Jonas Auken, Architect officer at Bankdata also shared his experience “I enjoyed spending a Saturday in the company of knowledgeable people and in a great setting at the Habitat Center. The pace of the conference was good with short and snappy sessions. I will look forward to the next event from IntelliGrape!”.
Even if it was the maiden conference on Grails organized by IntelliGrape and its partners, all the tech attendees and speakers valued it as a unique hybrid format that provides outstanding opportunities for peer to peer exchange of information and interactive atmosphere.

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About GrailsConf

GrailsConf is a Vendor Neutral Conference dedicated to the technologies in the Groovy ecosystem. It’s a conference by developers and for developers. Thought Leaders and Architects working on Grails since its inception will present engaging case-studies, and conduct hands-on sessions.

About IntelliGrape

Intelligrape Software, a TO THE NEW group company, is a pioneer in Groovy and Grails technology. IntelliGrape conceives, develops and manages high quality, mission critical web & mobile applications and provides consulting & implementation solutions for cloud based infrastructure. A leader in Groovy and Grails Development, the company was one of the earliest adopters of the framework and is an expert on the entire Spring Source suite of products. IntelliGrape is also is an Advanced Consulting Partner and Channel Reseller for Amazon Web Services (AWS). IntelliGrape is a part of TO THE NEW, one of Asia's leading digital services network.

About Pivotal

Pivotal is committed to open source and open standards, is a leadingprovider of application and data infrastructure software, agile development services, and data science consulting. Pivotal helps companies transform into great software companies.

About Gr8Conf

Gr8Conf is a vendor independent series of conferences, where the technical topics are in focus. The conference series were founded in 2009 by Guillaume Laforge and Søren Berg Glasius. After the first edition of the conference in Europe, the GR8Conf name was also used in the US.