Introducing Draco, the free online browser MMORPG

Developer Evolution Vault revealed today their new gaming project.

Online PR News – 08-July-2010 – – Evolution Vault, developer of online browser games (Xeno) and free war games (Asgard Heroes), revealed today their new gaming project called Draco, a free browser-based MMORPG.

The story of the game is that the Avatar has awakened and ascended into space, searching for fresh blood. Highly efficient killers with the sole purpose of consuming all living, "the Avatars are a symbiotic species which assimilated millions of hosts throughout the galaxy, in order to thrive and be able to modify their surroundings." Bloodthirsty to the extreme, these predators will always seek out new ways to further evolve themselves and become more efficient killers.

"This is it... the newest browser-based fantasy game from the inter web, stated Radu Soldan, CEO of Evolution Vault. As with all respected browser games, to play Draco all one needs is a browser; no downloads are necessary. And the game is completely free!" added the developer of online browser games.

Draco is a sci-fi browser game which takes only 5 minutes to learn and can become extremely addictive with time. People can play discretely from work or school with their friends, online. Draco is a world of heroes and warlords, a world of endless possibilities!

- No downloads necessary and free to play, no hidden fees;
- Creation of guilds, trading, massive scale wars;
- Control over thousands of ravenous virtual creatures;
- Non-stop evolution; dozens of researches for the Avatar;
- Two races available; the noble Asgardians and the Draconians.

For people who still enjoy playing online browser MMORPG games, Draco will deliver on all counts. Upon registration, one can start playing immediately:

Evolution Vault was established in October 2005 as an independent developer of computer games. Today, Evolution Vault is expanding its territory towards free browser games with Xeno, Asgard Heroes and Draco, while focusing in providing a consistent gaming environment for players worldwide.

Radu Soldan, CEO
Telephone: (0040) 722394533


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