Reviews Scientific Method and Reasoning to Enhance Science Writing
07/08/2010 writing staff will review scientific methods and rules of logic. Customers' scientific research projects will benefit from writer enhancement.

Online PR News – 08-July-2010 – – There is no substitute for sound scientific reasoning and following scientific method. is offering writers a seminar series laying out the basis for these cognitive skills. We expect that this will help staff to support and assist customers who have research projects to complete.

Many science specialists undoubtedly have studied these concepts in their misspent youth. Nonetheless we will review such arcana as:
" logical operators,
" the rules of logic,
" validity proofs
The presenters will also highlight potential pitfalls in scientific reasoning, such as:
" affirming the consequent
" circular reasoning.
To help understand that the scientific method is itself the result of concentrated thought and investigation, the presenters will plough through a lightning history of science. They will trace its inception in the ancient Near East, to the Islamic Golden Age, to the re-awakening of inquiry in Europe in the Renaissance and the Enlightenment. Considering these last 4000 years, our lecturers will chart the gradual articulation of a rational method for approximating the truth.

The basic steps of scientific method sound simple when summarized:
" observation,
" hypothesis,
" repeated testing
However putting them into practice is a challenge, especially for young scholars undertaking independent research for perhaps the first time.

The grand finale of this seminar series allows writers to apply these skills. They will pick apart both a superb, and an awful example of a scientific study, applying the techniques reviewed previously. writers frequently find themselves in the position of assisting bright, capable researchers who clearly have no idea how to present their results. They need help to express their data in a way that makes sense and demonstrates the hard work they have accomplished. It must also meet the standards of academic departments and scholarly journals.

It is our sincere hope that reinforcing the foundations of scientific method and logical reasoning for writers and editors will help them help our customers.' professional writing and editing staff looks forward to helping scholars and writers in all academic, business, and legal fields. Contact us before the deadline, before panic sets in. We can shepherd you through the whole creative process. No writing project is impossible - just ask! Check out our website at

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