Big Sale From Jay's Barely There Socks To Welcome The 2014

Jay's Barely There Socks Announces a 75% discount on no show socks for women for 48 hours

Online PR News – 17-January-2014 – Indianapolis/IN – Still in its first year Jays Socks have been given a lot of interest in their new line of no show socks for women. To honor this success Jays are announcing a crazy 48 hour sale on their no show socks for women when you will be able to buy a pack of 4 for just over 10 dollars. This is a staggering 75 % off the recommended retail price.

On Thursday 16th January 2014 Jays will release a coupon code on its website, and Facebook page which will be valid at the Checkout on Due to the amount of the discount, the code will be valid for 48 hours only. The discount code will be valid from 12.01 Friday 17th January until midnight Saturday 18th January.

A no show sock is made for people to feel the comfort of a normal sock yet give the look that you are not wearing socks in any way. These socks have become popular just recently as the 'sockless' look, especially when wearing shoes like Sperry's or Toms remains very much in fashion but wearing no socks at all can be uncomfortable, cause nasty fungal foot infections and make your feet and shoes smell more than normal. Wearing shoes without socks can also cause your shoes to age and appear worn quicker.

'I feel very humbled by the amount of positive feedback that we are receiving' said J Browning, Founder of Jays Barely There. 'I just wanted to do something for our customers to show that we appreciate their support as well as wish everybody well for the new year" she added.