WARDJet Announces Two New Small-Scale Waterjet Systems

WARDJet adds two more sensational systems to their Emerald Series of waterjets, the Emerald 0606 and 0612 to meet the increasing demand for compact, high-quality waterjets.

Online PR News – 16-January-2014 – Tallmadge/OH – WARDJet is excited to introduce the Emerald 0606 (2’ x 2’) and the Emerald 0612 (2’ x 4’) to the waterjet industry. Featuring a smaller footprint than the current Emerald 1515 (5’ x 5’) and 1530, (5’ x 10’) these two new systems offer simple dependable waterjet cutting for a variety of applications.

The smallest waterjet ever manufactured by WARDJet, the Emerald 0606 is designed to offer all the quality of a large, expensive waterjet cutting system at a reduced size and cost. Everything about the Emerald 0606 was intentionally over-engineered and beefed up to provide customers with the most dependable small-scale machine on the market. Because of its rigid, sturdy tank design, the Emerald 0606 is capable of handling 12” thick stainless steel just as easily as a 2” sheet of foam.

The Emerald 0606 is part of the ‘Green Line’ of waterjets offered at WARDJet – named for their affordability despite their high quality design and fabrication. Mirroring the small-scale of the previous Emerald models, the Emerald 0606 offers a cutting envelope of 2’ by 2’ and 12” of Z-travel.

Emerald 0606 waterjets are uniquely designed with ballscrew drives and a cantilever-style arm. Designing around a short-travel, cantilever architecture, effectively balances minimizing machine footprint and number of moving parts, while maximizing cutting envelope and maintaining overall stiffness. Despite the minor difference in design, the Emerald 0606 offers the same accuracy and dependability of all ‘Green Line’ waterjets.

Although the Emerald 0606 is small enough to fit in a corner of a workshop, customers will not miss out on any of the features of the large waterjets that take up an entire room. “The electronic hardware of the motion system, the machine controller, and software used to drive the Emerald 0606 are identical to what is provided on our much larger systems” remarks mechanical engineer, Jason Stuffel. “Also, the same technical support, CAD/CAM, productivity tools, and other software features are available on every system we make, regardless of machine size.” Support from WARDJet technicians is available remotely, directly to the controller when needed. WARDJet is dedicated to producing high quality waterjets, no matter what size footprint.

The Emerald 0612 offers double the cutting envelope (2’ by 4’) but offers similar features. The cantilever-style arm is ballscrew driven, the tank is beefed up to offer extra support, and the overall footprint is small. However, the Emerald 0612 offers the advantage of indexing sheets of unlimited length from front to back. As a result, standard 4’ by 8’ sheets of material up to 2” thick can be cut with greater convenience. Stuffel explains the concept behind the Emerald 0612, saying “while the Emerald 0606 was designed around being the smallest system possible, the Emerald 0612 is intended to yield the smallest footprint with the greatest amount of flexibility. The ability to feed sheet under the fixed axis of the cantilever, allows for a much broader range of material sizes to be cut, despite the machine’s small size.” Easy to use controller and software for the Emerald 0612 are the same as other larger waterjet cutting systems and customers can expect the same outstanding service and support from the WARDJet team.