The 9th Puerto Vallarta Meditation Retreat with Deep Trance Channeler Bart Smit - Sheraton Hotel

February 21st, 2014, will mark the beginning of the 9th annual Bart Smit Puerto Vallarta Meditation Retreat. - Living Effectively as a Conscious Multidimensional Being. Wherever you are on your inner journey, this retreat will offer the privilege and Grace to go further.

Online PR News – 20-January-2014 – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – People with great hearts come to this retreat. Spiritual seekers, from the beginner to the advanced meditator, are offered the opportunity to go beyond their barriers in meditation. "When you meditate with Bart, meditation becomes natural and alive." This year theme is - Living Effectively as a Conscious Multidimensional Being. These dimensions range from the densest (ego) to the most subtle (the Divine). In this context, multidimensionality is the ability to simultaneously experience existence in all of these layers.

Bart is not only a meditation master but also he is a deep trance channeler. He has been channeling a spirit named Dr. Williams for about 30 years. Dr. Williams brings peace and empowerment without judgment, allowing us to reach our highest personal potential and destiny. He brings the knowledge that liberates the seeker, assisting us to lead productive and integrated lives.

Join us February 21-28 2014 in safe and beautiful Puerto Vallarta. To register to the meditation retreat go to his web site, and follow the three registration steps or call the office at 416.690.2345 for more information.

Bart Smit works as a deep trance channeler with individuals in private session or by telephone. He teaches classes, workshops, lectures, and offers his annual meditation retreat in Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

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