Epiphanies, Inc. Launches 'A-Ha!' Tribe: New Social Media Training, Marketing, Mastermind Community

The 'A-Ha!' Tribe is a social media, marketing, and mastermind community, featuring monthly training webinars, expert interviews, ongoing video tutorials, and a private Facebook Group for entrepreneurs, artists, and corporate renegades. Join today at http://AhaTribe.com!

Online PR News – 14-January-2014 – Gilford, NH – Epiphanies, Inc. announced the public opening of the 'A-Ha!' Tribe (#AhaTribe), a thriving growth, success, and mastermind community for forward-thinking professionals. A limited number of Lifetime Memberships are available for entrepreneurs, artists, corporate renegades, business owners, marketing mavens, and mission-driven leaders at http://AhaTribe.com.

"Having a focused, trusted mastermind group to help you navigate today’s business landscape – which can be incredibly confusing and overwhelming – is a true game-changer," says Lani Voivod, Chief Chick and Ally in Possibility at Epiphanies, Inc. "In the #AhaTribe community, members learn and discover new and proven tactics for expanding their reach, playing bigger, and boosting their profits and possibilities, once and for all."

Every month throughout 2014 and beyond, a different social media or marketing platform, tactic, or strategy drives the #AhaTribe vision and agenda: Down ‘n Dirty Marketing Planning; Facebook; LinkedIn; Twitter; YouTube; Blogging; Google+; Instagram; Content Marketing; Pinterest; Podcasting; and the ‘Best of 2014.’

In the #AhaTribe community members learn and discover new and proven tactics for expanding their reach playing bigger and boosting their profits and possibilities once and for all.

#AhaTribe members get access to:

1. An ever-evolving library of video tutorials

2. A private Facebook community to network, share wins, and swap resources

3. Monthly customized training webinars on the top communication platforms

4. Exclusive interviews featuring inspiring industry experts and trailblazers

"We’re thrilled to help so many incredible dynamos, dreamers, and doers – the professionals who show up everyday and make miracles happen," says Allen Voivod, President of Epiphanies, Inc. "Our goal with the #AhaTribe is to be the tide that lifts all boats. That’s what it’s all about."

Lifetime Members get access to biz-boosting bonuses, too, including discounts and early access to new products, services, workshops, events, and 1-on-1 consulting calls and strategy sessions, plus special offers on other Partner and Member products and services.

The #AhaTribe already features a nationwide membership and lively private Facebook Group. To become part of the #AhaTribe and secure one of the limited number of Lifetime Memberships, join today at http://AhaTribe.com.

About Epiphanies, Inc.
Hailed as "visionary" and "two of the most creative thinkers in the industry" by the NH Division of Economic Development, Lani and Allen Voivod share powerful social media and marketing strategies through speaking, events, workshops, and their online channels. Their company, Epiphanies, Inc., engages leaders, inspires entrepreneurs, and helps redefine what’s possible for bold brands, innovative businesses, and mission-driven organizations. Connect with them at www.EpiphaniesInc.com" target="_blank" class="highlight_link" rel="nofollow">http://www.EpiphaniesInc.com, and their award-winning "A-Ha!" Summit conference at www.AhaSummit.com" target="_blank" class="highlight_link" rel="nofollow">http://www.AhaSummit.com>.

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