2X Introduces Complete Citrix Alternative for Next Gen Desktop and Application Delivery

Released today in Middle East, 2X ApplicationServer XG version 11 comes packed with enterprise-rich functionality at a fraction of the cost of competing solutions.

Online PR News – 15-January-2014 – DUBAI, UAE, 14th January 2014 – 2X Software, a global leader in virtual desktop and application delivery solutions, today announced they have released the much anticipated 2X ApplicationServer XG version 11 in the Middle Eastern markets. This is the latest major update to 2X ApplicationServer XG which enables any desktop or Windows application to be virtualized, centralized and managed in the datacenter and instantly delivered to users anywhere on any device.

2X ApplicationServer XG version 11 focuses on additional core Enterprise functionality which includes Sites Management and Role Based Administration. These enhancements contribute to scalability, positioning the product in the Enterprise market. Sites Management allows more concurrent users to work within the same farm while Role Based Administration allows multiple administrators with different roles to simultaneously interact within the system.

2X has also set a new standard in Enterprise licensing for Cloud infrastructure by offering their solution at a cost of $75 per concurrent user. The new flexible pricing enables customers to leverage a user-based licensing model. Companies can now quickly and easily deploy 2X ApplicationServer XG with a simple, straightforward licensing model that delivers virtual desktops and applications all in a single, user-based license to keep them connected anytime, anywhere.

“This is a significant release for 2X as it enables businesses of all sizes the ability to scale their virtualization infrastructure according to their organizational demands. We have achieved this through the development of a feature-rich, yet flexible virtual desktop and application delivery solution. Our focus was to provide companies with a cost-effective solution to easily implement and manage a Private Cloud infrastructure. Now that we have released, I’m excited to say that we have achieved our objectives.” Said Nikolaos Makris, CEO, 2X Software.

2X ApplicationServer XG allows the delivery of virtual desktops and applications from a central location, providing continuous availability, resource-based load balancing and complete end-to-end network transparency for administrators. This enables vendor independent virtual desktops & application delivery to users on any device, accessible from anywhere. The results are significant savings on administration and support.

• New Feature! Sites Management: A farm can be divided into multiple sites with each site representing a single location infrastructure. All sites share the same settings and are isolated.
Sites can forward users to other sites if an application or desktop is not available on the current site, if the user is already running sessions on a different site, or if a user is geographically closer to another site.

• New Feature! Role Based Administration: Multiple administrators can modify farm settings at the same time. Different administrators can also have different roles and levels of authority within the system. The settings are stored at the master site, then distributed and activated to the others when the settings are applied. Auditing of who made changes to the system, and when they did so, is also available. If two users try to edit the same object, the second user will find the object locked. If a user adds, edits or deletes an object, the change is shown immediately in the second console. When a user starts the console application they will need to enter their credentials.

• New Feature! Task Menu: The task menu behaves more efficiently when items are selected. On right click in the list control, a context menu can be used. This provides more space for information and makes it easier to add new actions.

• New Feature! Replicate Settings in All Sites: A standard button is used throughout the console so that the same set of settings can be replicated in all sites.

• New Feature! Notifications to Multiple Administrators: Since multiple administrators can be managing the system, it’s possible to send notifications to more than one user depending on the settings used. New types of notification have also been introduced.

• Start-up Speed of 2X Publishing Agent: When system settings are changed, it has no effect on the agents in use, as the publishing agent will not be restarted but rather it will refresh the actual setting which was effected.

• Restructuring of the Console Page: With the addition of Role Based Administration, the console page was structured in a more logical manner, creating a new category for administrator roles.

2X Software is made available in the Middle East region by EMT Distribution. EMT is the leading global value added distributors based in Middle East and is authorised to distribute 2X products across the region.