Javan Restaurant Welcomes the New Year with Healthy Food Choices

Javan Restaurant, a premier Persian restaurant in LA, gives customers more reasons to stay fit this year. Patrons can choose from an extensive list of healthy options including sandwiches, salads, and main courses.

Online PR News – 15-January-2014 – Los Angeles, California – [Los Angeles, January 14, 2014] – Javan Restaurant, a leading Persian restaurant in Los Angeles, offers healthy food choices to encourage customers to keep their New Year’s Resolutions of being healthy. The restaurant offers a balanced menu, giving customers the opportunity to satisfy their cravings for authentic Persian dishes without breaking any promises.

Javan Restaurant understands New Year’s resolutions can be difficult to keep, especially in Los Angeles, the home of the world’s best cuisines and dishes. With the restaurant’s healthy food options, customers can enjoy their favorite Persian dishes and continue fulfilling their resolutions.

Vegetarian Dishes

Javan Restaurant says the first step to eating better is to learn to choose healthier dishes. Customers who are on a vegetarian diet will find many options at the restaurant. From appetizers and soups to their lunch sets, Javan Restaurant had vegetarian customers in mind when planning their menu. For starters, customers can choose among nine delicious appetizers, including Borani, Dolmeh, Humus, and Torshi. Javan Restaurant also offers all-time Persian favorites for vegetarian customers, including vegetable kabob and barbecue onions.

Lunch Menu

Javan Restaurant offers healthy lunch sets to help customers get their daily requirements of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. They can choose from steamed, charbroiled, and sautéed dishes. These lunch sets also come with Shirazi or green salad. Customers can substitute their salads for Basmati rice. For an additional price, customers can substitute Basmati rice for any specialty rice, such as Barberry rice and Cherry rice.


According to Javan Restaurant, eating healthy does not always mean skipping desserts. The establishment offers a sweet list of options. Customers can try Baghlava, a dish made from honey, flour, pistachios and rose water. They can also try Zoulbia, a pretzel-shaped dessert made of flour, honey, rose water, and sugar.

About Javan Restaurant

Javan Restaurant has been serving authentic Persian dishes for the past twenty-five years. The restaurant offers a relaxing and friendly ambiance, which helps customers have a memorable dining experience. As one of the leading restaurants offering Persian dishes in Los Angeles, Javan Restaurant aims to bring local patrons and foreign visitors together to experience the great Persian cuisine.

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