Discreet Deluxe Go-Bag launched - 2 Person 72-Hour Emergency Kit Now Available

The new Deluxe Go-Bag for two persons – your first step to robust Emergency Preparedness taken care of hassle free.

Online PR News – 15-January-2014 – London - United Kingdom – In the event of an emergency, a disaster or major incident you will need emergency supplies.
Recent events have highlighted that you may need to evacuate and survive for 72 hours up to a week or potentially longer without access to power, heat, gas or communication during a time of crisis. Part of any resilience strategy and emergency preparedness plan is to have an Emergency Go-Bag in place. Your Go-Bag must contain supplies to last you for the first critical 72 hours.
evaQ8.co.uk is making it easy to those customers that prefer an unmarked Go-Bag with the launch of the E137 model Deluxe Deluxe Two-Person 72-Hour Emergency Go Bag. This complete kit contains food and water, lighting and tools, shelter, first aid and hygiene supplies. The contents were selected to support two adults for 72 hours. As always with any evaQ8 emergency kit, only recommended and tested products are supplied. The E137 Go-Bag is supplied in a high quality military-specification, 40-litre capacity rucksack without markings, allowing you to carry a discreet package without drawing any undue attention.

Contents of deluxe-Go Bag for two persons

Food and Water
• emergency water rations, long shelf-life
• emergency food rations, long shelf-life, 5000 calories
• ready to eat, self-heating meals
• bio-degradable spoons
• energy tablets, pack of 14 tablets
• water purification tablets, pack of 50 tablets
• drinking water bottle, 1 litre capacity

Lights and Tools
• Petzl e+ lite emergency headlamp, 10-year storage life
• wind-up LED torch, no batteries needed
• wind-up radio, no batteries needed
• good quality multi-tool
• light duty gloves, pair
• waterproof cloth-tape, 50 metres, multi-use
• paracord, 15 metre, multi-use

• emergency survival shelter, 2-3 persons
• thermal survival bag, compact pack
• disposable rain poncho

First Aid and Hygiene
• body bathing wipes
• disinfection hand wipes
• pocket tissues
• first aid kit

Suggested extras that would fit in your rucksack: mKettle multi-fuel kettle, Aquapure filtration bottle & Duracell portable power pack. In addtition, pack your personal items, i.e. personal medication, ditigized personal info on USB, maps etc.