: Exset BV, pioneers of pay-TV ecosystems for emerging markets, has today announced the launch of DMS 2.0 (Digital Monetization System).

Online PR News – 15-January-2014 – New Delhi, 14th Jan 2014 – Exset BV, pioneers of pay-TV ecosystems for emerging markets, has today announced the launch of DMS 2.0 (Digital Monetization System). The award-winning solution will be on-show during Convergence India 2014, one of the South Asia’s Largest ICT Expo which will take place on 21-23 January, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

DMS – already being deployed by operators in India, other key Asian territories and with considerable interest across Africa - bridges the gap between technology and value-added services creating digital television platforms that can be monetised where previously impossible. This allows populations to benefit from new information and entertainment services while partnering governments achieve digital switchover and bring about social transformation.

DMS 2.0, available now, benefits from a completely new content publishing GUI and back end architecture. Core processing has always been carried out centrally in DMS Publisher with the content then distributed when the application is accessed via the TV screen. This means that low power set-top boxes can be deployed to receive services. With DMS 2.0 this has been extended.

Jonathan McKee, Head of DMS Product Development, Exset BV said, “We keep the power in the back end because network operators are providing access to third-parties who they have sold bandwidth to – government departments, newspapers, local advertisers and so on – and DMS Publisher has to provide strict control and management. This is both in terms of not overloading networks with data that will compromise video performance but also in terms of preventing the publishing of offensive material.”

DMS 2.0 has multiple benefits: a what-you-see-is-what-you-get GUI; tight workflow management with different access levels able to be assigned to users; content control via the use of templates; depending on the assigned role, the ability to restrict user access to subsets of those templates; and template design that automatically constrains data uploading – for example images may be restricted to small file sizes.

PK Acharya Director of Exset, India said, “There will be editors spread across multiple third-parties with whom an operator has secured deals. Within those organisations there will probably be two or three people with ultimate access/content review and then editors/uploaders below them. The final step is the ultimate approval to publish and that stays with the operator thereby if something offensive is uploaded, the operator can prevent it being broadcast. A lot of DMS 2.0 is about making that workflow efficient and easy-to-use with better managed services tools. We have worked very hard to create a friendly user interface in order to encourage usage. We are very proud of it.”

About Exset BV:

Exset was founded in 2011 on the back of a successful launch installation and deployment of Exset CAS, a Conditional Access System (CAS) that today protects content across more than 13 million homes, across Europe and Asia. A Broadcast Technology and Solutions company, with its Headquarters in The Netherlands and offices in the UK, Estonia and India, Exset not only provides the highest level of Security Technology solutions but also through the Digital Monetization System (DMS) gives operators a new way of monetizing their platforms. Exset along with its partners is the first group to acknowledge this need and it presents to the digital world the future ready amalgamation of 'CAS + DRM + Middleware + Cross Platform Architecture + Content Consultancy + VAS Monetization + DAM+ Transport+ Functionality Across Devices'.

Exset strives to provide a unique service by understanding the regional markets and working collaboratively with its customers to deliver highly tailored solutions using the most up-to-date technologies available which maximize the return on investments. Exset’s all encompassing solutions and services raises the bar across the value chain achieving financial and operational advantages for all involved in the eco-system covering all the aspects of addressability, security, scalability, devices, network independence.
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