MacXDVD Gets Handbrake Error in Ripping 99 Title DVD Resolved

Handbrake usually cannot rip DVD with 99 titles. To help customers out, MacXDVD today shares the solution to resolve the Handbrake error while ripping 99-title DVD and rip copy-protected DVD using Handbrake alternative.

Online PR News – 15-January-2014 – Chengdu/Sichuan – DVD creators nowadays develop new copy protection measures out of anti-piracy purpose. As a result, new DVD, especially Disney DVD, usually contains loads of titles, as many as 99, which is responsible for Handbrake error in scanning DVD disc for the main title. In response to this issue, MacXDVD Software today shares the solution to rip DVD with 99 titles using Handbrake.

As mentioned, the key Handbrake failing to rip 99 title DVD is that it is unable to guess the correct one among the 99 title tracks. So the trick to avoid Handbrake crash is to discover the real title. Generally, it's advised to choose title with the longest run time while ripping DVD with Handbrake. But cases are those title tracks are almost equal overall run times. Don't worry, here is the solution with the aid of DVD player.

Step 1: Launch DVD player and play the DVD movie. Skip through the junk that crops up before the movie.
Step 2: While the main feature finally beings playing, move the cursor on the top of display to reveal the menu bar, choose Go -> Title to find the checked title number. This is the title representing the real main feature. Once keep this title number in mind, use Handbrake to rip the 99-title DVD easily.

Though customers go everything right with Handbrake while ripping DVD, there are still some Handbrake error messages appearing on computer. As a matter of fact, DVD ripping is quite a cat-and-mouse game as new and tricky copy protection measures encoded on DVD discs to prevent copying. This is a long way for Handbrake to handle the copy-protected DVDs. To resolve those Handbrake errors, customers can count on a professional DVD ripper like MacX DVD Ripper Pro for better results.

As a bellwether DVD ripper program, this Handbrake alternative incorporates DVD decrypter, DVD copy and converter software into one, capable of defeating any copy protection schemes such as CSS, Sony ARccOS, Disney new copy protection, etc, copying and ripping DVD to MP4, MOV, MPEG, FLV, WMV, AVI, MVK, etc and converting DVD to iPhone, iPad and Android within a few clicks. Below is the simple tutorial to use alternative to Handbrake to rip DVD with 99 titles.
Step 1: Download and run Handbrake alternative on Mac, click "DVD Disc" or "DVD Path" button to import the DVD files.
Step 2. Select the output format as you wish, like DVD to FLV, DVD to iTunes, DVD to iPhone 5S, etc.
Step 3. Click "RUN" to start ripping the 99-title DVD on your Mac.

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