HealthyClip Officially Launch Healthy Numbers Weight management Program

Dietitian and weight loss expert reveals there is more to a healthy diet than what the scale measures.

Online PR News – 14-January-2014 – Philadelphia/PA – Dietitian and weight loss expert reveals there is more to a healthy diet than what the scale measures.

Once again you've committed to making real change in your life. You've struggled to lose weight and this is going to be the time it works. However, after working hard for a few weeks the scale isn't budging – what gives?

Registered Dietitian and weight loss expert, Stephanie Margolis, has the answers and some may be surprising. Stephanie has spent the past decade helping individuals see success through proven weight loss methods. Pulling from her background in education, fitness, and nutrition, Stephanie is able to offer a holistic view of your health enabling you to make changes that stick. Whether you are trying to shed the last 10 pounds or are facing a larger challenge, the combination of resources found at will put you on the right track.

Through a 12-week "Healthy Numbers" weight loss program participants create a healthier lifestyle by truly understanding how their body works and what can be done to achieve their goals. Each week tackles a different topic and is effective no matter where you are in your journey.

In the first week you will take an in-depth look at the following:

• Real measures of health: How do your blood sugar, BMI, and cholesterol play a role in weight loss?

• How to interpret these measures: Once you know your numbers, what can you do with the information to make a significant change in your life?

• Ways to improve your numbers with diet and exercise: No gimmicks, no tricks just solid guidelines and tools to help you shed pounds quickly and for the long haul.

• Tools to track success: The best way to see your success is to measure it. Stephanie provides several printables to accompany the information allowing you to marvel at the changes your body will make in the next 12-weeks and beyond.

The Healthy Numbers program is ideal for anyone wanting to lose weight, manage their diabetes, improve their blood pressure, or simply create a healthier life. HealthyClip customers who buy garcinia cambogia from gain priority access to this unique program. While many weight loss programs only focus on one component of weight loss, Healthy Numbers goes above and beyond that expectation. Through this unique program you will have access to a variety of informational video, action-oriented articles, and weekly calls to helping you stay motivated on their journey. This weekly round-up of information and resources is provided by Stephanie but you will find so much more at

Designed with you in mind this program is exactly what you need as you enter the New Year. Stop making resolutions and have a lifestyle revolution! Join the program by visiting and signing up. On request, we will also email you a copy of Session 1: Know Your Numbers to review.