"Where Is God When My Life Is Falling Apart" Number in in Sales in Amazon Christian Faith Books

A book, "Where Is God When My Life Is Falling Apart" reached number 2 in sale on Amazon Christian Faith in the first 2 days of release.

Online PR News – 14-January-2014 – Philadelphia, PA – “Where Is God When My Life Is Falling Apart” a book answering questions about life falling apart and other things that hit us in life which makes us frequently wonder why God would allow that. By Jack Price, it was released Dec. 29, in the Amazon Christian Faith free kindle section of Amazon and within 2 days was number 2 in sales in the initial free section of that category.

This was Jack Price’s third book that answers the difficult questions people ask about God and the Christian religion. Jack’s main goal in life is to provide those tough answers for people struggling with questions. .

It will be selling for a reduced rate for a couple of weeks in January, and then the price will be increased.

Jack’s books are about answering those tough questions we all have asked about God and religion. This one is about the questions we constantly ask when it feels like God may not be there because things have become so tough, and our entire life is disintegrating.

Jack F. Price is a pastor who dreams of changing the world by changing the church. His books come from over thirty years in church ministry sharing people's honest search for God, listening to people's struggles, and encouraging their honest questions. He recognizes that a successful Christian asks questions all along the way, some are sometimes seen as unchristian to ask by some Christian organizations, but Jack feels that a Christian, or those exploring Christianity must feel free to ask, and must find his own answers, and that’s what Jack does in his books.

He helps readers find God when that reader might swear that God isn’t there any longer, and how to find solutions for the problems.

Jack has two other books, “Finding Faith: Honest Answers about God, the Bible, and the Church Today”, and “Songs of Crossroads”.

"Where Is God When My Life Is Falling Apart" is on Amazon at