EMEX launch the next generation of Business Intelligence tool-sets.

EMEX, the worldwide EHSQ and Sustainability software group has delivered a major update to its insight and reporting suite with the introduction of their most advanced, user-friendly Business Intelligence tool-set for Enterprise-level EHS Professionals.

Online PR News – 14-January-2014 – Lausanne, Switzerland – Blisteringly Fast Business Intelligence for Environmental and Health & Safety Professionals. EMEX launch the next generation of BI tool-sets.
Lausanne, Switzerland, January 13th, 2014 - EMEX, the worldwide EHSQ and Sustainability software group has delivered a major update to its reporting suite with the introduction of their most advanced, user-friendly Business Intelligence tool-set for Enterprise-level EHS Professionals.
Recognising that EHS professionals are poorly served in terms of the availability of quality analytical tools, EMEX have delivered a tool-set that will help them measure the return on their safety programmes and report on the contribution they’re making to overall business performance.
The new module significantly raises the bar for the EHS software industry, surpassing both earlier releases by EMEX and competitive solutions alike with greatly enhanced features, intuitive operation and exceptional reporting speed.
As a leading authority on the generation of actionable insights from Health, Safety and Environmental data, EMEX have invested heavily in their next generation of reporting tools and have worked closely with their global clients to design a solution that delivers an ability to easily access and visually explore any EHS data that is captured at any speed, especially real-time. The move represents the first phase in the company’s ambitious roadmap for next-generation analytics.
“This new solution is part of our commitment to delivering what customers want in terms of truly useful Environmental, Health and Safety reporting”, said Richard Wall, CEO of EMEX. “Collecting the data is the easy part, providing the back-end analysis capability and the visual indicators that can support decisions and accurately inform executives and users across the enterprise – that’s the piece that requires smarts and that I’m confident we’ve cracked with this stunning new application”.
Key Facts/ Technical Highlights
• Blisteringly Fast Data Interrogation; Regardless of the scale or complexity of your data, the tool-set works seamlessly within and across the EMEX platform making it an ideal solution for even the largest of global enterprises. The powerful in-memory analytics platform empowers users to interact with an unprecedented amount of data at the speed of thought.
• Better Data Visualisation; With the new EMEX Dashboard, creating insightful and information rich decision-support systems for executives and business users across platforms and devices is a simple matter of selecting the appropriate user interface element (Chart, Pivot Table, Data Card, Gauge, Map or Grid) and dropping data fields onto corresponding arguments, values, and series. Delivering insights across the enterprise through the EMEX Web Application, Microsoft Office and SharePoint Server is child’s play.
• Drill-Down & Data Filtering; Each dashboard user interface element used within a dashboard can instantly provide additional insights into your data. Dashboard elements can filter by series, arguments, and even cross filter data from other sources. These filters (activated with a single click) allow the user interface element itself to control the set of data visualized across the entire dashboard. Interested in the interaction of an argument within a dashboard element across the entire set? This functionality is available in mere seconds. Need to know more about a particular dashboard item’s series across all visualizations? You are literally a click away. In addition to inter-item filtering, a single dashboard element can also provide a window to data locked within its own confines by using the item's drill-down features.
• Dashboard Designer for self-service customisation; An integrated Dashboard Designer is shipped with the module and has been engineered with the executive and power user in mind. Straightforward and intuitive it means your organisation can reduce report production time and associated costs by allowing end-users to personalise (and publish) dashboards as business requirements dictate. From built-in drag and drop data wizards for simplified data access, to integrated filtering and data transformation tools and a rich set of user interface customization options, the Dashboard Designer is both powerful and easy-to-use, for the end-user enabling them to deliver professional business-oriented dashboards in record time.
The new Business Intelligence tool-set is already in deployment with some of EMEX’s largest Enterprise SaaS clients and available to the wider market from today.

About EMEX
EMEX is a global leader in transformational enterprise software for the automation of environmental, health and safety and sustainability programmes. Headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, the group has sales and development offices in London, Houston, Moscow and Dublin and has been servicing the EHS and Sustainability requirements of its blue-chip clients for more than twenty years. Information about EMEX can be found at http://www.emex.com.

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