Crowd Funding? Try Crowd Reading! Independent Author Launches Unique Take on Crowd Funding

A unique method to gain attention in a crowded literary world.

Online PR News – 13-January-2014 – New Orleans/LA – By now you've undoubtedly heard of crowd funding. Thousands of filmmakers, musicians, entrepreneurs and anyone else with a project to fund have turned to crowd funding to raise money for their passion projects. The crowd funding process is remarkably simple: pitch your project to thousands of potential contributors, and offer various levels of rewards for each specific dollar amount they contribute. Celebrities such as Zach Braff, Spike Lee and others have used sites such as Kickstarter and others to fund their passion projects.

But what do you do when a project is already finished? The passion project that you have worked on for so many months is already done and out to the world. Then what do you do?

In the case of New Orleans author Chad Matthew Valiant, you turn to crowd reading, a process he created to build buzz about his psychological thriller 'Diary of a Cheating Spouse: A Cautionary Tale'. Thus 'The Five-Minute Crowd Reading Campaign' was born.

It is estimated that there are over two-hundred thousand books published every year. The Amazon Kindle store has over half a million titles alone. In this crowded literary world, it is very hard to get discovered.

"Writing a good book isn't enough," Chad explains. "Even if you have a major publisher backing you, it can be very difficult to let people know your book even exists. Thus, I thought I would create a process called crowd reading, which is very similar to crowd funding."

And how exactly does crowd reading work?

"The process is very simple," Chad explains. "Crowd funding works on the principle of asking hundreds or thousands of people for money to fund a particular project. I am not asking people for money. I am simply asking people for five minutes of their time. Five minutes of their time to read the first chapter or two of my psychological thriller. That's it. If they like what they've read, then purchase the book."

According to Chad, the entire experience is very simple.

"Users can visit my website:," he continues. "There, they can read the book's blurb and download the first few sample chapters to their favorite e-reader device. Then, take a few moments to read the first chapter or two. That's it. Five minutes of their time to check out my new book."

Chad came up with the idea for crowd reading after reading about many crowd funding success stories.

"There are millions of people out there willing to help someone follow their dreams. If you visit any of the major crowd funding sites, you can find thousands of projects which have successfully raised money from strangers. I thought if people are willing to spend money to fund someone else's passion projects, then they are certainly willing to spend five minutes of their time reading a sample of my book."

Chad also priced his book reasonably, to further spur sales.

"The average crowd funding donation is twenty-five dollars," he explains. "I am not asking for anywhere near that. In fact, I have frequent sales where the book is temporarily discounted to ninety-nine cents to further increase sales. Not only is that a very attractive price for an ebook, it's substantially less than the average crowd funding donation."

Chad hopes his crowd reading campaign will pay off. In the meantime, he's begun work on his next book, a yet-untitled psychological thriller. You can read more about his current book 'Diary of a Cheating Spouse: A Cautionary Tale' at

Moscow Interactive Studios is an independent media company based out of New Orleans. Originally founded to produce freelance videos for such clients as Yahoo!, ESPN and others, Moscow Interactive Studios has expanded into publishing. The first title produced under the company umbrella is the psychological thriller 'Diary of a Cheating Spouse: A Cautionary Tale'.

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