Culture Unplugged Studios Announces Launch of ‘We Speak, Here’ with over 425+ documentaries.

Culture Unplugged Studios Announces Launch of ‘We Speak, Here’ – an Online Film Festival with over 425+ documentaries and short films sharing our intimate stories on observing, waking, healing, transforming ‘the self’ - the festival with aspiration to assist us all in evolving individual consciousness within.

Online PR News – 09-July-2010 – – Culture Unplugged Studios (C.U.S.) wishes to inform you of the launch of the new film festival ‘We Speak, Here’. This festival is an effort to share personal stories of us as an individual being, our physical & spiritual existence – our myriad expressions, dark & light, of human mind, body & soul, as a response to life within & without. The festival hopes to inspire us all to reflect on human life & its journey so far, and search for our individual purpose that can guide the legend we are to create & contribute to our humanity. The festival invites you to explore ‘we’, in need to know you, him or her as ‘me’

With this new festival launch, the last festival ‘Spirit Enlightened’ has ended. Since the launch of ‘Spirit Enlightened’ festival in January 2010, over one million people from 211+ countries and 17000+ cities visited the festival. They viewed over 390 films, and have applauded the documentary and short film works of the diverse film-makers across the globe that explore spirituality, consciousness, evolutionary awareness, our belief and value system, etc.

Among many deep & beautiful films, the audience has rewarded the following films:

PEOPLE'S CHOICE (Most Viewed):‘A Magical Vision’ by Michael Caplan, United States

POPULAR (Runner Up): ‘O Sal Da Terra (The Salt of the Earth)’ by Eloi Pires Ferreira, Brazil

VIRAL (Most Shared/Linked):‘Flood of Life in Marrakech’ by Mohamed Ezoubeiri, United States

UNDISCOVERED (Must View):‘Flight from Death: The Quest for Immortality’ by Patrick Shen, United States

FILM-MAKER'S CHOICE (Conscious Art): ‘Instructions to the Cook: A Zen Master's Recipe for Living a Life That Matters’ by Christof Wolf, Germany

These films can be viewed at ‘filMedia network’ (, which offers substantial archive of quality shorts, documentaries and features from around the globe with primary focus on Asia, Middle East & Africa. It caters to not only film lovers around the world who are plugged into the net and looking for free-to-watch soulful cinema, but also caters to upcoming or established independent film-makers and grassroots productions that are looking to reach out to a wider audience (for a social mission, or simply to share with the world their voice/art). It facilitates their need to be discovered by global producers, find new markets/audiences and connect with prospective collaborators from different regions.

As some of you are aware, ‘Culture Unplugged’ is not just a name of a studio, it is a mission - a vision and aspiration to integrate disparate parts of the self and the global human society. It aims to achieve this primarily by leveraging the power of new media and extending the effort to offline events and actions. But above all, achieve the mission by being the seeker of truth ‘herself’ on the journey ‘her’ vision charts ahead - not just be an organization, but be the way of being - as referred here as ‘She’.

Culture Unplugged aspires to bring film-makers, content producers, writers, professionals from social/scientific arena and world citizens to a single platform to connect, communicate and collaborate in meaningful ways. Its aim is to cater to the innate quest of its audience in seeking cultural understanding and to transform and evolve the socio-spiritual sensibilities and perspective. It aspires to spawn awareness, expand the vision of the future and promote the collective contemplation and action over contemporary global/local challenges.

If you wish to support and bring together, spiritually and socially conscious global community that serves and furthers the contemporary world, you can join the mission - Culture Unplugged.

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