Ratchet of the Year 2013 Announced by BWD Magazine

Who exhibited the most embarrassing and cringe-worthy behavior of 2013?

Online PR News – 13-January-2014 – New York City, New York – BWD Magazine has scoured the internet and news channels for the worst and most embarrassing behavior of 2013. This behavior can only be attributed to a ratchet. For those unfamiliar with urban terminology, a ratchet is a low-achieving, socially inept female who is content with her status and does not see any reason to change it

Since 2013 has drawn to a close, now is a wonderful time for reflection. Some communities flourished and some flailed. Looking back, it’s time to pick the biggest ratchet of the past year. Ratchet of the Year is given to an individual who meets the following criteria: a female who is blissfully ignorant and does not mind proving it to the whole world, someone who spoke incoherent ebonics in mixed company, had a physical presentation that reminded us of Precious – from the movie ‘Precious’ and (most importantly) single-handedly set her own race back by at least 100 years.

We have uncovered such a person, her name is Rachel Jeantel. Rachel was the friend of Trayvon Martin – the teen killed, in Florida, by shooter George Zimmerman. Rachel first appeared to the world as a witness at the trial (where she took the stand). Her testimony can be viewed on popular video sites like Youtube. Unfortunately, we could barely understand a word she muttered. Eventually, we stopped trying to comprehend her speech because we became too distracted by her baffling and perplexing facial expressions.

Needless to say, by the time she left the witness stand, she had set the entire Black female race back by a century. Oh well, until next year…peace out!

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