History-Making, Black, Female, Third-Party, Presidential Candidate's Gov. Christie Remarks

History Making, Black, Female, Third-Party, Presidential Candidate: Her revamped, empowerment, and pop-star appearance propelled one reporter to label her "the Beyonce of presidential politics." She heads a political party which has garnered attention from POLITICO.

Online PR News – 12-January-2014 – JANUARY 11, 2014 LOS ANGELES, CA – History-Making, Black, Female, Third-Party, Presidential Candidate's Timely Remarks On Gov. Chris Christie Precedes

LOS ANGELES, CA — Is this history-making, black, female, third-party, presidential candidate the new face of third-party, presidential politics? Her revamped, empowerment, and pop-star appearance propelled one reporter to label her "the Beyonce of presidential politics." Temperance Lance-Council says she likes that moniker.

Heading the gender-equality, progressive, Anti-Hypocrisy Party, Temperance Lance-Council is the only African-American, female, third-party, presidential candidate who has appeared in The New York Times, been a cover girl on NY's the Long Island Press, and featured in POLITICO. This 2016 presidential candidate, with the ultimate goal of taking her party to Tea Party status is indeed, a history-making candidate.

Having founded the party in 1999, the former actress and television commentator (CNN / FOX NEWS) recently called Governor Chris Christie "a bully," when she spoke to POLITICO's Patrick Gavin a couple of months ago. "I'm not surprised about what's happening with the New Jersey governor, and no one else should be either. He doesn't have the temperament to have any nuclear codes, when he, himself, constantly blows up at anyone for any reason. He has an anger management problem that rivals that of the singer Chris Brown's," said Lance-Council in Los Angeles this morning.

"America needs to know that alternative presidential candidates do exist, that they do have a choice, other than folks like Christie, no matter how much the odds are against third-party candidates like myself. The press needs to be less complicit with only presenting the choice of a two-party system. When I appeared in The New York Times back in 2000, I looked like a typical politician. Now, I've had to "Beyonce" myself up to try to get more press," she says. She's referring to recent photos which feature her in a Beyonce-type bodysuit and boots; blonde curly locks, showing off her 5 foot, 8 inch legs.

"One reporter actually called them "Beyonce legs," and then offhandedly called me "the Beyonce of presidential politics." I'm content with that moniker," she says, with a smile. "But this Christie crisis is nothing to laugh about; and I'm interested in getting my message of equality politics out there, and letting little girls of color know that they too, can grow up to be president, and you don't have to bully your way to do it," she points out.

Additional information about her "equality party" can be found via links below or traditional search engines — but the candidate says she wishes more of the media would take a lead from The New York Times and POLITICO and speak with her regarding her history-making endeavors, or for direct quotes on the "larger than life" governor.

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