Amazon’s Micro Irrigation Systems Prove a Big Hit with Environmentalists

Amazon Irrigation Ltd provides garden watering kits and irrigation systems. Their extensive product range includes sprayers, drip irrigation systems, sprinklers and watering kits for indoor as well as hanging baskets and lawns.

Online PR News – 08-July-2010 – – For Immediate Release

Amazon Irrigation’s Micro Irrigation Systems hit it off with environmentalists on their water saving feature.

Colchester, United Kingdom, July 7th 2010 – Colchester based garden watering bigwigs Amazon Irrigation is making more than a splash with their excellent micro irrigation systems. The micro irrigation systems are being made available in ranges that span every conceivable application – from a tiny pot garden to a full blown multi-area plantation.

And what, you are no doubt wondering, is micro irrigation? Simply put, it’s a way to get water directly into the root systems of plants you are trying to feed, without wasting gallons of the stuff through hose piping or can watering. No wonder the environmentalists are so happy about it. Basically, micro irrigation systems provided by Amazon Irrigation feeds single drops of water straight into the soil or root bulbs where the plant actually takes its nutrition. It does this by channelling individual droplets down tiny pipes (like veins, really) so they can be dispensed in exact, pre-determined locations.

How much water are we talking about here? A ‘lot’ is the simple answer. Imagine, for a moment, a rain storm – which is of course the most traditional way of all for plants to get their water. Most of that rain falls uselessly – useless, that is, from the point of view of the plant – into mud or on concrete. Only a very tiny amount of the rain is actually harvested and used by the plants it waters. What micro irrigation systems as those provided by companies like Amazon Irrigation do is to take only that useful (tiny) amount – everything else is simply ignored. Or, in the words of the environmentalist, “saved”. That can amount to as much as 85% of a normal watering load, not even dispensed.

With Amazon Irrigation ( offering micro watering kits for as little as £19.99, there is no reason to give a second thought before buying one for your garden.

About Amazon Irrigation
Amazon Irrigation is a Colchester based company dealing in garden watering accessories like water timers, sprinklers. Their new micro irrigation systems offer vast savings, both money-wise and on water used.