Just how 1 of The World's Natural Wonders Inspired Superior Markers

Superior Markers have just launched their brand-new liquid chalk markers which are excellent for those planning to create art without the messiness traditional chalk brings. The liquid chalk markers are available only on Amazon.

Online PR News – 12-January-2014 – Meriden/CT – Create Something Extraordinary and Let Your Imagination Soar By Using All New Chalk Markers

Superior Markers have just released their new liquid chalk markers which is ideal for those planning to create art without the untidiness conventional chalk brings. The liquid chalk markers are available solely on Amazon, with interest for these markers anticipated to impact supplies favorably within the first number of days of launch.

One of the basic products that quite a few make use of, even as small children, is chalk to create drawings. While kids may not mind the messy cleaning off, a company looking to create interest will certainly not draw in patrons with untidy chalk drawings.

Due to this, Superior Markers has taken the step to come up with Chalk Markers, which are unique marker pens which contain a water-based ink. This ink, when dried, has the the same feel and look of conventional chalk. Liquid chalk markers then make it easier and a lot more fun to create works of art, and the fact that they'll clean away with little difficulty makes them the ideal chalk marker to use.

The liquid chalk markers are perfect for chalkboard art, and can also be used for signs, windows, mirrors, glass, and ceramic tiles. Superior Markers has also gone the extra mile to ensure the new markers are non-toxic, which means they can be used safely by children over the age of 3 years, and environmentally friendly.

When asked about where the idea for the Chalk Markers came from, spokesperson Sandy Riley stated "The inspiration came from the Great Barrier Reef, which is one of the natural wonders of the world. That's why our colors are bold and bright - just like the amazing colors seen in nature.".

While a classroom setting is the most visible place to use chalk markers, businesses can make use of the same on their windows, mirrors, and any glass surfaces. Superior Markers' products come in different colors, making it fun for a business looking to add some creative art to its glass surfaces. The markers wipe away easily, so any business can come up with new art every day.

Sandy mentioned a cafe that all the staff go to. "There's a great cafe just down the road that has been in the Fields family for 3 generations, and they were struggling to get people to step inside. Our company (Superior Markers) gave them a pack of our new range of Liquid Chalk Markers to use to jazz up their windows and menu board. Afterwards, Mrs. Fields told me that the response was instantaneous--'People can see our menu from across the street and the extra bright colors make us really stand out from the others ...'".

Liquid Chalk Markers is the new trend when it comes to chalkboard art, and its appealing nature will make it a must-have for businesses that rely on creative art to attract customers. Chalkboard art is also big on the home-front, and with this new product, a lot of homes will take a step forward in personal decor come 2014.

Superior Markers is new to the American market, and aims to make a big splash with its Liquid Chalk Markers. The markers are available at www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00GLF8AN2 .