Branx Fitness to further expand its operations in UK and Europe

Branx Fitness is further expanding its operations in the UK. The company is dedicated to bring the finest of fitness equipment to the people across the globe at the most economical costs. Its new operations in UK are a step further in this direction.

Online PR News – 12-January-2014 – Letchworth – “Health is Wealth”, is an old saying that has stood the test of time. If you wish to enjoy life to the hilt then good health is a prerequisite. It has been observed that people across the globe no matter to which culture or religion they belong spend their entire lifetimes earning wealth and then spend all their wealth in earning health that they have lost in the process. But the past few years have seen an awakening in the hearts and minds of the people throughout the world. People have become more health conscious and are trying everything they feel is right for their bodies, minds and soul to stay fit. This indeed is a welcome change. At Branx Fitness, which is a moderately sized company set up in 2008 and sells quality fitness equipment, an effort is being made to help the people in their zest for a healthy life.

Branx Fitness uses the latest technology and highest specifications and has an impeccable after sales service. The company's agenda is to provide the high quality fitness equipment to the general public and the select trade customers at the most affordable of prices. The company has worked hard enough to carve a niche for itself in the top end quality scale of the fitness equipment market. The company has selected only a few of the best product lines to sell. Only the best is available here.

Branx Fitness has further expanded its UK operations by opening a new 10,000 sq feet distribution centre in Felixstowe in October 2013. The major agenda had been to cater to the Christmas rush. A spokesperson for the company has categorically stated,” We had been planning the expansion since early 2013 and are delighted to have ended the year by now having a fully functional state of the art distribution centre which can easily cater to all our expansion plans in the coming years and allows to provide the best possible services to the our growing number of clients not only in UK but throughout the Europe.”

The Branx Fitness has an exciting new range of sleek looking fitness products that will be released in the UK market in 2014. This new range has also been showcased at some of the world's largest trade shows and has received a lot of positive interest.

The company is not just satisfied by providing the quality hi-tech fitness equipment to the end user but also makes sure that the most stringent product selection processes possible is followed. A thorough investigation of the manufacturing plants is done.

Branx Fitness ensures exceptional quality, superior durability, innovative style and impeccable service. Ever since the inception of the company the focus has been client centric. The primary agenda has been to ensure product strength and company longevity in the world market of fitness equipment. In case you are not satisfied with the product then you can go for a full refund without any excuses or wait. The company firmly believes that the values of honesty and integrity can be well taken into the world of business and this ricochets in its products and services.

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