MWG Tabletware Unveils Brand New Range of Kindle Book Covers

MWG Tabletware's latest release of Kindle covers has started appearing in retail channels.

Online PR News – 12-January-2014 – Hartley/Kent – "10th January 2014 - MWG Tabletware is pleased to announce the launch of a new collection of Kindle cases. The design philosophy was simple:


Using these four core principles MWG Tabletware has come up with a Kindle cover design which is lightweight, stylish and functional. The process has also allowed MWG to design out a few areas which have traditionally proven to cause problems for eBook reader cases in the past.

Many Kindle cases suffer from restricted access to the four way button and awkward or non existent securing mechanisms for the device. MWG Tabletware has engineered this collection of cases to specifically address these and other issues. The final cases are highly practical and hard wearing whilst not compromising on functionality yet they manage to be unobtrusive leaving the Kindle as the star.

In today's ultra competitive marketplace the temptation is to cut corners and cheapen products in order to try and win the pricing battle. At MWG Tabletware their philosophy is that this ultimately leads to below average products that are unfit for purpose. A consequence of the disposable society that we live in. ""Our strength lies in designing cases that people want to own and more importantly do the job better than any other"" says their production manager James Strickland.

The cornerstone of any good product is using the best raw materials. As with all of MWG Tabletware's tablet cases top quality materials have been used throughout and attention to detail is meticulous. There is a brief preview video on YouTube ( for those wanting to learn more about these cases. The collection can be purchased through various online channels such as Amazon ( as well as MWG Tabletware's own site."