Romanian Security Company Launches New Forum Dealing With The Occult and Secret Societies

This press release outlines the launch of the newest RSP Project sub forum dealing with the occult, secret societies and more.

Online PR News – 12-January-2014 – n/a – Romanian Security Project, the powerhouse behind the highly successful RSPProject, is announcing the launch of a brand new online community that deals with occultism, the Illuminati and other secret organizations along with a whole host of other, less mainstream topics. The idea behind the project? "We wanted to set up a place for people who are interested in the occult and other topics to discuss their thoughts and ideas freely and without the fear of persecution," says the owner and founder of, Valium.

"There has always been an air of mysticism and curiosity that surrounds the occult, older religions and secret communities," he continues. "Just look at the success Dan Brown has had with The DaVinci Code, Angels and Demons, or Demoni and his other books about the Masons or Masonerie. There have been plenty of other authors and movie directors that have experienced the same success when writing about topics that deal with the occult and other underground topics such as Satanism. Because of the success of these books and movies, there has been a lot of publicity regarding the existence of secret societies and the occult lately that have peaked the interest of many people. They are fascinated with the symbolism and mystery that surrounds these topics and want to share their thoughts and ideas about them."

The members of the Romanian Security Project Forum De Hacking have access to a variety of sub-forums including the newest addition: ILLUMINATII, OCULTISM, SECRETELE UNIVERSULUI. This sub forum allows members to discuss topics ranging from the occult to Wicca and other pagan religions, satanism, the Illuminati and other secret societies and anything else that fits into this category. The only restrictions members have when it comes to topic selection or content is that they must be respectful of the opinions of others. No topics are considered off limits and they want to encourage their members to share what's on their minds.

"We launched the sub forum in December 2013 and have experienced quite a bit of traffic both from people that have experience in such matters as well as those that are simply curious. We are thrilled that so many people have found this forum and have become comfortable in this community. This is exactly what we set out to accomplish and now the goal is to make this community more visible so that more people can join in on the discussions."

About the Romanian Security Project

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