StarMade Group Announcing A 50 Precent Discount Promotion For Their Popular Grill Gloves

For a limited time, StarMade Group are offering a 50% discount on this popular gloves. This massive price reduction is only available on Customers will need to use coupon code 2ASLNS6P.

Online PR News – 12-January-2014 – New York/NY – StarMade Group popular heat resistant grill gloves for cooking and grilling, the Grill Armor Gloves are now becoming hype among people who often cook and grill at their home or at their camping site. The product was unveiled this past christmas with great success. Following on the great response, the company was happy to announce a new promotion giving their costumers a %50 OFF discount for the new gloves.

When ask about the exciting new promotion the company representatives replied, "We were so delighted with the great feedback and responses we received for the new launch that we wanted to provide our costumers a great deal and the opportunity to spread the word about the great value they found in this product".

However the company representatives also added, "We only have a limited amount of units available for this offer on a first come, first served basis. Promotion Code: 2ASLNS6P

Good barbecue or oven gloves are those that provide adequate heat as well as flame protection. They should also have to be durable and easy to clean as they are often used for cooking or grilling every day. Good oven gloves are also those that often provide comfort to users and offer firm grip that could help users minimize accidents.

The Grill Armor Gloves are some of the best grill and oven gloves that exist in the market today. The gloves are engineered with high-end materials that can handle extreme heat and provides a heat resistant protection to users up to 662F(350c) along with100% cotton lining, giving users utmost comfort and feel while using them.

Many culinary enthusiasts finds these gloves a convenient aid for cooking and grilling, like when handling hot heavy objects from the grill or oven such as pots and pans or hot barbecue skewers and smokers. However these awesome versatile gloves are merely just an grill and oven gloves, as they can be used in many other ways such as for the fireplace, campfires, tailgating, changing light bulbs and many other jobs in and around the house.

The best thing about the Grill Armor Gloves is that they are easy to keep and maintain (machine washable) and they are made to last (created with top quality materials) so people can enjoy them for a long time.