Online Marketing Firm Says That, When it Comes to Social Media, Less Equals More

Dzine it, inc. a New York-based website development and social media marketing expert offers advice to small businesses owners on how to best handle their social media presence.

Online PR News – 09-January-2014 – New York, NY – Peter Crisafi, Vice President of dzine it, Inc. (, a leading search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing firm in Manhattan, says that many small business owners have gotten lost in the allure of social media marketing and, as a result, their businesses have suffered.

“I meet a lot of small business owners who complain that they never seem to have enough time to run their business, because they’re too busy managing their social media marketing campaign,” says Crisafi. “Sure, a solid online marketing plan is necessary for success these days, but if you follow some simple guidelines, it won’t become a full-time job.”

According to Crisafi, many businesses will go overboard trying to solidify their brand on whatever the next best social media outlet might be. Instead, he suggests focusing on two or three social media platforms where you can concentrate your marketing efforts.

“A business owner should always start with Facebook and maintain a strong presence there because it is, for now, the strongest social media outlet available,” says Crisafi. “Next, a wise business owner will couple their Facebook presence with another social media platform that is complimentary to their business.”

If you own a dry cleaning business, for example, or a medical practice, Pinterest is probably not going to be your strongest outlet, according to Crisafi. Instead, you may want to focus more attention on Twitter.

“I’m not suggesting that business owners ignore any social media tool, I am simply suggesting that they focus most of their energy on the ones that will yield the greatest return,” Crisafi explains. “Posting regular updates can be a chore, even with two or three core social media platforms, which is reason enough. However, with platforms like HootSuite and other similar services, businesses can post to multiple sites at once.”

The bottom line, he says, is that less is always more and although every small business should have a solid social media presence, going overboard can have unexpected consequences.

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