Cargounits Premium Services Now Include Customs Clearance Assistance

In this dynamic global economy, businesses strive to achieve the largest profits by exporting goods to the emerging markets like Russia.

Online PR News – 09-January-2014 – Moscow – Freight operations have become very important part of logistics for all the business organizations around the world. No matter what line of business you are in, some time or the other, you will need a reliable freight cargo forwarder. It becomes a tough task to carry out all the bureaucracy at the dockyards and get your materials on time. After all you may not even be aware of the customs clearance procedures of different countries. Understanding this dilemma of the small and medium business enterprises, is now also offering their premium customs clearance assistance along with their reliable freight services. They are based in Russia and have a lot of experience and expertise in this field.

This news has been welcomed by many of the businesses which have expanding operations and logistics requirements across the globe. It is a well known fact that Russia is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. The demand of finished goods in the Russian market is ever increasing. Due to this, many manufacturers are now looking to sell their products in the Russian Market. But owing to the difficulty in customs clearance in Russia, there are only a few options to choose from when it comes to Logistics providers. This means Cargounit’s announcement will lead to the betterment of the market.

Many businesses across United States in the industries like finished goods, electronics, toys, packaged foods, antiques want to supply their products in the emerging markets like India, china and Russia. But the heavy import duties and customs taxes are a bit difficult to understand and tackle. It needs and experienced company who can provide logistics as well as assist in Customs clearance so that these goods can be sold at a reasonable price in the market and increase the business opportunities.

Looking at this changing scenario, the Customs department in the Govt. Of Russia too, recently announced a decrease in the import duty and port taxes, which has been a welcome move for many small and medium business enterprises looking to expand their operations across Asia and Europe. This has led to companies like Cargo unit being able to provide quality freight services and assistance in Russia customs clearance procedures.

Conclusion: It looks that with this move, many business organizations will now be able to take benefit of their services and sell their finished products in the developing market of Russia. This will enable cargo unit to provide the best freight services and assistance in customs clearance. More Information Visit