South Florida Mother is launching P2P (Pal to Pal) Ride Sharing Platform to Promote Friendlier Roads

SchleP2P is a mobile community where friends connect with nearby friends for rides, safely and conveniently

Online PR News – 09-January-2014 – Fort Lauderdale, FL – Fort Lauderdale, FL, January 08, 2014 -- Leaving a friend’s birthday party after having a couple of drinks one night last December in Boca Raton, Rachel Lam was apprehensive about getting into a cab with a complete stranger. Rachel thought to herself, “Wouldn’t it be nice if I could just connect with a friend who was close-by and get a ride?” From this, SchleP2P, an online and mobile community that connects nearby friends for rides with a few taps on their smart phones, was conceived. It’s an App that brings friends physically together to go places, have fun and create positive action. At the end of the day, Ms. Lam hopes that her company might even prevent DUIs and save lives.

“As a mother and as a woman, I am passionate about creating a business that might have a positive impact upon society. With SchleP2P, I am hopeful that we can help people, especially the younger generation, value the importance of friendship and social responsibility. I am excited that we can potentially utilize technology to make our streets safer. With our App, the user is never alone. Friends are only a tap or two away.”

“SchleP2P is the pinnacle of the Collaborative Consumption experience. It’s about friends helping friends. The current ride-sharing models are not friendship based. Moreover, their services are available on demand only. With SchleP2P, friends can book rides in advance. They can even arrange long distance rides with out of area friends. Thus, we wanted to introduce a safer ride-sharing model as well as one that can potentially become disruptive in any market,” said David Lam, SchleP2P’s Chief Development Officer.

The Company will implement a cashless, voluntary payment system through the use of points to pay for rides. All riders must purchase points in order to request rides from their friendship circle. When a ride is initiated, the App will suggest a certain amount of points the passenger should render to the driver to reimburse for his time, gas and other incidental expenses. The suggested fares are calculated to be 20% less than existing taxi fares around South Florida. Upon completion of the ride, the points will be transferred from the passenger’s account to the driver’s. The points, as a form of alternative currency, can be converted into cash or used to purchase goods and services offered by SchleP2P’s affiliated partners. The passenger and rider are then asked to rate each other’s experiences. All of these features are performed seamlessly through the App.

In addition to sharing rides, friends can get together via the App to frequent venues through SchleP2P’s “Socially Responsible Partners” that will offer them rewards and incentives in real time. “Our goal is to bring neighboring businesses on board to join us to promote camaraderie, commerce and safety. We are about community building” stated Mendy Fischweicher, SchleP2P’s Chief Operation Officer.

Safety is paramount to the SchleP2P community. Through social network verification, the Company will only allow recognized friends to give each other rides. In addition, SchleP2P conducts rigid background checks as well as extensive phone screenings on all driver applicants. The Company further carries a $1 Million commercial liability insurance coverage in the event of accidents.

The Company is planning to launch initially next month in South Florida in beta mode. “We feel that South Florida is the ideal breeding ground for SchleP2P due to its strong demographics. The area has a number of universities and has traditionally been known as a hotbed for party goers and vacationers alike” added David James, Marketing Director for SchleP2P. “Our goal is to take advantage of the area’s warm climate and blossoming economy to mobilize people to go out more often. With SchleP2P, friends that ride together flock together.”

About SchleP2P

SchleP2P connects nearby friends for rides through the use of their App on iTunes. An Android version is currently in development.
For further information, please visit:

David Lam
SchleP2P International LLC
Fort Lauderdale, FL
754 610-5339