New Website Inspires Single Mom of 5 to Pursue Her Dreams

Website provides tools to empower, inspire and motivate people to make positive changes in their lives.

Online PR News – 09-January-2014 – Compton, CA – Just in time for the new year, Innergi launches a new website, Courage Crowd, designed to inspire and motivate people to action. Courage Crowd offers the necessary tools to make permanent, positive changes in people’s lives.

Courage Crowd was originally formed as an information portal for the mental and emotional aspects of wellness for Innergi. Assigned on the research committee, Arja Langdon a single mother of 5, discovered new passion and purpose. She says that while researching, reading, and attending workshops for the site, she began to apply the things she was hearing to her own life and with it discovered her true passion. “This website truly motivated me to change and follow my dreams. My focus shifted, and my fear eliminated. I am much happier now and see how my life is evolving by just applying the things I have learned” says Arja Langdon.

Innergi’s COO, Walt Lauderdale Jr. says “This website is designed to do just what it has done for Arja. We want it to inspire, motivate, encourage and empower all of its members to action.” Innergi is about healthy living; physically, financially, mentally and spiritually. The company was founded in 2011 as a lifestyle development company designed to help improve people's lives through health and wellness training, education and implementation strategies.

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About Courage Crowd

Courage Crowd is a platform for changing mindsets and fostering mental and spiritual wellness through personal growth. It is their mission to provide the tools needed to inspire, motivate, and encourage each of their members to courageously stay on the path to greatness. They promise to help cultivate your mind with the belief that your mind is more important than anything else you can do to prepare for personal and professional success. “Change your mindset, Change your life! Anything is possible, but you first have to believe it!”