Orlando Hair Salon Now Offers Utips Hair Extensions

Shallamar's Hair Solutions is a multi-cultural hair salon located in the Dr Phillips area of Orlando Florida. They specialize in all hair types and textures and as over twenty two years of experience. They have relocated to the area from New York City

Online PR News – 09-January-2014 – Orlando/Florida – Sandy Giff owner of Shallamar's Hair Solutions explains that "the Utips hair extensions is a keratin tipped bonded technique. Keratin bonds is added to strands of hair and is applied to the client's hair in a strand by strand technique that creates movements and allow the client to still run their fingers through their hair." She fruther explains that "the clients would still be able to color,highlight and shampoo their hair with the hair extensions in."

When asked what are the benefits of this form of hair extensions, Sandy further states that " it adds length and volume to the hair with minimal damage and can be customized to each individual taste. The quality of hair used is also important as using the incorrect quality will not give an adequate results she went on to explain."

Some of the salon clients were interviewed who had this hair extension process done and they were all very happy and pleased with the process. Client Lisa Swift told us that she as being wearing hair extensions for many years and as never had this technique done. She decided to give it a try after a consultation at the salon and states that "she will be sticking to this technique from now on." "There is no other technique I have had that gives this freedom and movement, I will be sharing this with all my friends and will be encouraging them to give it a try", she further explains.