Four Hour Physician Now Accepts Bitcoin for Payment

Four Hour Physician's Virtual Assistant Locator Service has recently launched Bitcoin as the newest payment method on its website.

Online PR News – 08-January-2014 – Bethesda, Maryland – The new "Virtual Assistant Locator Service" for the busy professionals has announced its newest payment method in the form of Bitcoin. This secure P2P payment network has been chosen by Four Hour Physician to provide the absolute quickest transactions online with the newest in payment methods.

Bitcoin is a FREE and secured peer-to-peer payment network that uses verified public transaction logs. Established in 2009, this digital currency offers the quickest and cheapest transactions in its secured network.

Dr. Smolinski of is a rapid adopter of new technologies that allow busy professionals to do more in a shorter amount of time, and Bitcoin firmly falls into this category. According to Dr. Smolinski, "Bitcoin is the future of money, hands down. By next year, most major businesses will be using Bitcoin for their transactions, and if you're not using Bitcoin now, you're going to get left behind". Four Hour Physician is dedicated to providing busy professionals with the tools they need to liberate their lives, so that busy professionals can free their time to pursue their passions. The Virtual Assistant Locator Service is a major part of the program, in that it provides entrepreneurs and busy professionals with a rapid service to locate competent, qualified virtual assistants for these businesspeople. Recognizing that time is the most valuable asset any person possesses, use of Bitcoin--the fastest way to conduct any transaction online--to pay for a service that is designed to save a person more time was a natural fit.

The Four Physician’s followers can purchase the Virtual Assistant Locator Service Package through Bitcoin by clicking on the “Pay By Bitcoin” icon on's Virtual Assistant Locator Service page.