Surya Palace Hotel Vadodara Initiative: A Film Screening 'KAPHAL'

Surya Palace Hotel, Vadodara invites all for a screening at the new Ballroom from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm in the evening on 9th Jan.2014.

Online PR News – 08-January-2014 – Vadodara Gujarat – Surya Palace seeks to become a place where filmmakers from different cultures and countries meet to create a unique platform that celebrates creative talent and encourages a cultural interest in documentary films.

Rosy-cheeked and happy faced children, a Garhwal village, and a mysterious old woman who preys on young ones - all the elements are in place for a bedtime story, but Batul Mukhtiar’s Kaphal (Wild Berries) is more than that. Kaphal is the sweet-hearted story of two brothers, Makar and Kamru whose prank-filled routine is interrupted by the return of their father Kailash from the city. As Kailash tries to resume into the life of a villager, the boys and their friends set out for an adventure to find Pagli Dadi, an alleged witch, and influence her to make their father disappear. Makar’s friends, Bupi and Pusu convince him that his father may be an imposter. They plan to get rid of their father, through a magic potion from a witch living in the forest, Pagli Dadi (Mad Granny). But instead they meet Pagli Dadi’s granddaughter, Ghungra, who takes them for a joy ride in the village.

KAPHAL – Wild Berries explores the life of a small village, the small moments, the relation between children and nature, their fantasies about it, the stories that they build around it, their fears and terrors as well as their joys. It is a simple tale, seeking to capture the sensual pleasures of childhood, with a glimpse of hard reality. Baroda’s premier hotel believes in making the children of city like Vadodara live the moments of a Garhwali kid. The enthralling and engrossing story would embrace the innocent mind of a child cocooned in the world of fantasies.

Written by Batul Mukhtiar and Vivek Shah, Kaphal is produced by the Children’s Film Society India (CFSI) and for children, but it works equally appealing for their parents. The realistic performances by the children, who have never acted before, are memorable, as are the evocative locations in Garhwal, Uttarakhand. Stringed around the knee-high antics of Makar, Kamru, and their buddies is a web of grown-up concerns for the economy of the hilly region, the relationship between the sons and their fathers, a pro-environment message, and a plea for tolerance. Batul Mukhtiar is a student of Film and Television Institute of India (FTII). The film tackles many problems facing people living within the mountainous states; migration, conservation, the shortage of quick access to treatment and academic facilities.

The session will be intervened by a tea and cookies session and followed by interactive Q&A session with the Director, Ms. Batul Mukhtiar. Since it is a Children Film’s Society of India, it is an invitation for all. Join us for a grand evening at the most unique venue of Vadodara. Our newest offering the “Ballroom” gives you a large area of pillar less space, making it the largest banqueting and conferencing venue in Vadodara. It is an ideal venue for an affaire extraordinaire.