Now Known As the PB Millionaire, Jim Lawlor, Whose Charity Work Involves Helping the Homeless

The San Diego Icon "PB Millionaire" - Producer And Star Of the Upcoming PB (Pacific Beach) Reality Show, Which Highlights His Lifestyle Of Living In A Castle, Used To Be Homeless.

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Growing up in Iowa in a large family with a struggling single mom making little income, Lawlor decided to make his move to San Diego to live out his dream of someday becoming wealthy. Working at various odd jobs in Iowa, including painting houses to support his college tuition, he graduated from St. Ambrose University in Davenport with a degree in Business Administration.

First visiting San Diego in the late eighties on a peace project he initiated and became famous for, Lawlor met up with some San Diego investors that were intrigued by his goggles for spray painters invention which he conceived when painting a house one day. A few months later, in February 1991, he moved to San Diego to encourage them to invest in his idea in February 1991.

However, the first few years in San Diego were tough for Lawlor. On several nights he slept in his car until he found a small office in Pacific Beach ( ) for only $200/month. The landlord had no idea that he had planned to sleep there as well. The tiny office provided a roof over his head as well as a place he could begin working on his new company. He hid his clothes in the drop ceiling and showered at the nearby fitness club. He was careful not to park his car near the office at night and keep the lights low as to not draw any attention to himself living there. For more than 2 years he got away with it and was eventually able to find an apartment that he could finally afford a few blocks away.

He continued to paint houses as he worked on improving the invention and eventually obtained a patent. At that point the investors saw the light and gave him his initial starting capital. By 2005 his company's annual sales was over a million dollars. In 2006, he bought a house in PB and a year and a half later converted it in a castle - better known as the "PB Castle". ( )

Although he still owns his goggle business he spends most of his time working on his newest brain child "The PB Reality Show". ( ) He attributes his success to his daily meditations which he has been doing since he was a teenager. He says it "puts me in touch with the laws of nature.

Since becoming a millionaire he puts his wealth to use with the PB Millionaire Charity ( which donates to various well-known charities. However, he says his favorite charity is helping the homeless of San Diego. "With most charities you write a check and never see the money go to work. With the homeless you get to see their faces light up with gratitude when you give. It's a much more rewarding", Lawlor says.

He has developed a personal relationship with some of the local homeless people. He knows their street corners where they hang out and when they're going to be there. He likes to surprise them by just showing up with a "care package" or some cash. He is developing a "homeless survival kit" that he wants to mass produce and distribute nationwide.

But the things Lawlor is most famous for in San Diego are his legendary parties and millionaire lifestyle. A self-described "bachelor for life" he enjoys giving his guest a "total experience that they will never forget". He says "it's all about giving whether it be to a homeless person or a guest at my party"

After much coaxing by his friends and assistants who told him that his lifestyle would make a great reality show, he decided to go ahead and start filming it all with all the parties and ensuing drama -including his work with the homeless. After a year and a half of filming, "The PB Reality Show" will air this September.

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