Fedco CEO Leo Eisenband Adopts Bear at Risk of Extinction

This decision belongs to the business and social obligation that Fedco has of assisting the crucial job that is being done at the Zoo in Barranquilla, the just one the Caribbean region can rely on to strengthen attributes.

Online PR News – 07-January-2014 – Marquette – This decision is part of the social and business duty that Fedco has of sustaining the essential job that is being done at the Zoo in Barranquilla, the a single the Caribbean region can depend on to shield nature."The appeal of attributes and of this specific specie is genuinely one-of-a-kind," pointed out Leo Eisenband "We ought to do everything we could to aid protect it to ensure that our future generations can likewise cherish it and matter with its entire habitat.".From all the corners of this zoo, the expertise and nourish of our animals is being advertised to reach the young metropolitan population oblivious to it. The encounter they receive from visiting all the types located in the zoo, enables them to be in contact with attributes and to know their responsibility to care for these pets."It is a privilege to Fedco to be able to sustain the conservation of the Caribbean area," pointed out Eisenband. "We urge other companies to join us in receiving these environmental jobs that are essentials to preserve species in risk of extinction such as the instance of the phenomenon bear. It is incredibly essential because this is the only bear specie inhabiting in South America.".Fedco is a perfume and womanly beauty line of product that for over 30 years has actually marketed progression in Colombia generating work, being an economic stimulus and obtaining social and environmental targets as part of its corporate and social responsibility. Fedco is run by Leo Eisenband, a business man who thinks that personal business have the obligation to offer well-being and good quality life for individuals. Leo Eisenband Fedco