Take a Course in the Deeper Truths of Ancient Metaphysics and Natural Power for as Little as $30.00

From January 1st through January 10th 2014 ANU Spiritual Training is offering discounts on classes. Register today to explore an empowering and healing spiritual methodology that works!

Online PR News – 06-January-2014 – New York, New York – Obtain spiritual empowerment and reality transformation with the ANU Spiritual Training. The ANU Spiritual Training offers classes that include but are not limited to: spiritual sciences; orisha tradition; spiritual healing; self-actualization; as well as mental deprogramming.

Our learning series places the student at the center of the learning experience as opposed to memorizing rituals, names, and protocol that serve little when it comes to reality reconstruction. Come join our students who have begun Phase I of the ANU Spiritual Training series to elevate their spiritual growth, and personal development.

“The Most Comprehensive Training Program
Recommended for those who are serious about the science behind traditional Afrikan religion and in developing sound foundation for personal growth. I use the word foundation here very loosely. Regardless of how "advance" you might be in your evolution, the information contained here will deepened what you already know and fuel a much higher level of knowing. I cannot accurately describe what you learn here as I believe each person will gain what they most need to create a more whole individual. This is NOT a course for those seeking to aggrandize their egos further through knowledge of the Orisas, IFA, and ATR. It is about getting to know the authentic you so you can be of greater service to humanity. I would highly recommend this class and for the price it's a bargain financially.”

“Finally, a course that teaches
This course does what is supposed to be done for any true spirit worker. It teaches you to heal yourself first. One cannot and should not seek to heal others without healing themselves first. One should not and cannot seek to guide others if you yourself is lost. I am impressed how the of the information really gets to the core of things. No fluff, everything is relevant. Awesome!”

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