The Theadora Kelly Project Debuts First Single Off EP

“The Meeting Song is for anyone that hates their boss." -Theadora Kelly

Online PR News – 06-January-2014 – Los Angeles, CA – Not Dead Yet Records is known for their roster of underground bands with a unique sound. The sort of bands you might stumble upon during a late night KCRW broadcast. A good way to describe the rich sounds and innovative artists bthis label brings to the table.

These are the sounds and lyrics of artists that threaten to defy the genres of today and potentially reinvent the music scene entirely. Bands that are currently dominating the underground music scene in Los Angeles, such as; The Fabulous Miss Wendy, The Big Booty Party, and Mahi Gato.

The Not Dead Yet Records family of artists all share one common theme, a decidedly low-fidelity sound, unlike anything you’ve heard before.

The Theadora Kelly Project is the self-proclaimed Kid Sister of punk rock. Fronted by a petite Korean woman with a gritty childlike attitude, her sound is sort of a hybrid of 80’s punk rock, 90’s grunge and occasionally a soulful sadness, however most songs tend to err on the antagonistic and explicit side.

The Theadora Kelly Project seems to take life as it comes. The recurring themes are, pop culture icons such as, “Craigslist Reject” and “Indie Hipster Kid” to the bittersweet “The Sun’s Gonna Shine Today.” The former, a satirical jab at the current climate of music and musicians in general, love it or hate it, the songs are funny because they ring true.

While “The Sun’s Gonna Shine Today” offers soothing words of encouragement tinged with an almost melancholy feel to the soothing melody as it crescendos into heavy drums and guitar, as if to remind you that as sweet as it is, The Theadora Kelly Project isn’t for the faint of heart.

Theadora’s vocals bend the rules when it comes to the status quo for female singers. Kelly’s vocals have been compared to the 90’s grunge goddess herself “Courtney Love” and Shirley Manson of Garbage. Her own personal influences include, Brody Dale formerly of The Distillers, NOFX, Wendy O. Williams of the Plasmatics, and 80’s punk.

The lyrics of these songs at face value are not exactly deep, unless you can find depth in a song called "Shut The Fuck Up," it would seem that the content is mostly mindless profanity laced screaming. The Meeting Song in particular seems be an excuse to act out in a frenzied tantrum.

“The Meeting Song is for anyone that hates their boss,” says Theadora. "My ex-boss at a very corporate, very "Fortune 500" company would call meetings about meetings and spend three hours yelling at us, confused at why work wasn’t getting done that day. The answer was glaringly obvious to anyone in the room."

"He particularly liked to pick on me and single me out at random. It was completely abusive and inappropriate behavior. I needed my job, so instead of acting out or quitting, I just pretended to take notes one day, while writing the lyrics for The Meeting Song. It’s amazing how therapeutic Music can be. Especially to us tortured artists.”

The Meeting Song is available on iTunes or at